Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Peridot: nil points

Oh dear, it was easier to be flippant on Friday when I felt I still had a shot of a loss this week – today is Official WI day and I’d still lost zilch. It’s depressing – especially for me with my ‘instant gratification’ personality. I do feel that I worked hard all week and I want my reward! And next Tuesday just seems too long to wait – and worry – for the next result. Those hours I spent tracking (and re-tracking as the site crashed and crashed again) I’ll never get back! And I finished the week with 45 points earned through exercise and saved – I get 22 a day to put that in perspective.

This pointing malarkey is tricksey. I was 98% good at the weekend – my choices in the restaurant were governed by what I thought were the least damaging foods (except the pudding – a lavender crème brulee); my main was positively paltry (not poultry though – half a lobster with green salad). But I chose a duck noodle salad as a starter which came to a shocking (estimated) 6 points – it was a very modest (read: teeny) size! And I’m betting those cocktails were 2 points each (I had 4 over 2 days and counted them accordingly). All in all, I had the most points that I’d had to date on Saturday – with a rough aim of 26 points, I hit 37. I had enough ‘in the bank’ for this but I still feel a bit freaked out about it. And that was with a frugal breakfast and lunch. I actually cut my piece of cake in half on Friday and ate it over 2 days to manage my points – frankly, a superhuman effort for me – if not, strictly speaking frugal.

My exercise points came mainly from walking an hour most days last week, then 2 on Friday, 4 on Saturday and a 2 hour cycle yesterday. It’s therefore particularly galling that all this activity didn’t translate into a pound or two of lard. I’ve not cycled much this month so it was particularly tough going – especially with a new saddle. It felt and looked uber-soft in the hand – but not on the buttock! Still, an advantage of being a fatty is that the extra weight must help me to break it down and soften it up more quickly. It was my first time on the new cycle superhighway – what an utter let down; it was absolutely no difference except it’s now blue. And there are flags (which, call me picky but don’t add to my cycling experience). All that disruption and cost for a big, fat (blue) raspberry.

The tough bit now will be keeping going and not allowing this to take me off course – especially since I am really hungry at the moment (18 points a day doesn’t take you very far!). Bf wants to go to Wahaca on Saturday and I am simply afraid of the food! Afraid that I don’t know the points and it will be hard to estimate. Afraid especially of cheese and anything creamy. I have a few days to come up with a plan....


Seren said...

Wow, 45 points?? That's impressive! In all honesty though, I'd be tempted to try and eat a few more of them.

This doesn't work for everyone, but I usually allow myself one "cheat" meal per week - like lunch last Saturday. I have what I want and don't even attempt to count it - I usually just allow half a day's points for it. This means that I counter any feelings of deprivation and I don't spend my week scrimping on points to "blow". My weight loss has been slow but steady so at the moment this approach doesn't seem to be doing any harm.

Don't worry too much about Wahaca - I've not seen the menu, but something like ceviche would be nice and low perhaps?


Linz M said...

I eat some of my Bonus Points - I think your body expects more food if you exercise loads - and 45 points is bloody loads! So if you don't eat enough, your body holds onto everything it gets... This could be complete codswallop of course and something I have been kidding myself about for ever, maybe worth a go though.. You could eat your daily points of 22 and use your Bonus Points at the weekend? Too scary?

Plus, remember you had a really good loss last week - so over 2 weeks you are still doing brilliantly.

Don't freak out about Wahaca - the joy of WW is you can still eat out. Enjoy it!


Linz M said...


Either user Pitta Breads as a base or some form of tortilla or flat bread. You can also use the shop bought pizza bases - a generic 9inch thin and crispy pizza base is 5 points, so if you share that it works out well. I think Napolina are ok on points too.

Then I use my own tomato sauce which is just tinned toms, onions, garlic and herbs simmered forever - 0 points.

Loads of veggies on top - Mushrooms, onions etc. and then I add a bit of either Les Kol Cheese (very cheesy tasting so you don't need a lot and its only 1.5 points for 40g) or some low fat mozzarella (2.5 points for 40g).

Potentially you can have a "pizza" for around 4-5 points with loads of salad. Enjoy :)

Lesley said...

It's not a gain!!!

I know that running or cycling is the best thing for weight loss for me. Walking or swimming are good but don't really cut it if I'm honest with myself...

Just a little nag to get back into that lovely new cycle lane....tee hee

Lesley x

amy said...

I would really stay away from the creme brulee -- lovely as it is. How many points did you allot for it. The one at one of my favorite restaurants, The Yard House, is 37.5 points. It is made with heavy cream and sugar. Granted, it is tremendous. I found general cb pointing at be about 10.