Friday, 16 July 2010

Points vs SoD

I ran feverishly through all variants in my head as I approached the lair of the Scales of Doom. Okay, so my period is due next week, that might be bad. And I haven’t cycled this week, that’s probably bad. And when I put on that skirt that’s fractionally tight yesterday, it’s still tight. But I have stuck to it and I have been hungry. SoD told me I lost 3-4lbs – it wouldn’t be drawn on an exact figure. I had a moment of such intense relief that it was almost a pleasure. Then I remembered, I couldn’t and mustn’t get too excited – I’ve been storing up points for the weekend in the manner of a squirrel hoarding nuts so I’m down on my total for the week. I may have to risk a further encounter with SoD on Tuesday to get a realistic picture for the week.

And thanks for all your tips - do please keep them coming, I really appreciate being able to learn from your expertise.

So, in a fit of daring, and knowing (if not feeling) that I’m a little bit less fat than last week, I put on a yet smaller lingerie set this morning – technically the same but they never actually do all fit the same, do they? This was particularly foolish since a) I’ve got a long day and b) I still had score marks on me from the cream set yesterday. It’s now 4pm and starting to feel a bit ouch. I imagine by 11pm I’ll be ripping it off in relief!

So, I’ve had a rough tot up of points (inc a Magnum and a glass of wine on both Saturday and Sunday) and appear to be coming in comfortably on (or even below) points, given an extra 4 for each day and some restraint required in the rest of the day. I say this tentatively as I know it might be much more difficult than it looks on paper – especially without access to my online tracker thing. I’ve put in what I can and written it down so I have a rough idea of what I’ve got left. We’re having a Chinese tonight so I’m armed with a list of points and I’ve been ultra frugal with my food so far. Consequently I’m absolutely starving and I don’t know if I’ll make it through to 10pm when we’ll be eating!

Hoping to get a couple of walks in over the weekend but trying not to ‘spend’ activity points. And lunches at the weekend are the trickiest since they’re nigh on impossible to plan ahead for – where will we be? What will we be doing? What will the options be?

But – even with these worries – the weekend now looms ahead, a whole glorious 3 days at the tin hut. Just me and BNF with no plans and no obligations. Except to have a great time. Hope yours is great too.


Lesley said...

Hope you're having a marvellous time sweets. So pleased that the SoD relented this week!!

Lesley xx

Linz M said...

Yay - a good result from the SoD! Keep up the good work and hope you had a fab weekend x

Lesley said...

Tee hee - yes, it is the law that all golf shoes must be slightly strange. I have 2 pairs - a modest wintery sort with a black stripe over the toe but not too extreme and some blinding wite summer ones with little pink them!!

It's all going to hell in a hand basket with D but he reads my blog so can't really be too upfront. Will email you. Courtney has been getting updates...

Lesley x