Friday, 2 July 2010

So blue I'm almost black

Right now I’m working very hard to not descend into a whirling, swirling vortex of panic, doom and depression. Those of you who perceive the hand of SoD in this are right: our little encounter this morning told me I’d lost nothing this week (having put on 5lbs last week). This is in a week of a 8 mile walk, a 5 mile walk, a 2.5 mile walk in fit flops, a lunchtime walk every work day in fit flops (I would guess about a mile and a half each day), 2 weights sessions and 3 cycle round trips of over 17 miles each. And okay, my eating over the weekend wasn’t brilliant, but since then I’ve been both exemplary and hungry.

I’m the same weight as I was before Easter. And okay that’s putting some on and losing it again but the scores on the doors remain thus:
· 1st, 5lbs heavier than the end of LL
· 2st heavier than my lightest weight

And this leaves me– I’m afraid – feeling fat and frumpy. And a tad despairing to boot.

I’d really appreciate your help, dear Reader. If I post yesterday’s food – and it was fairly typical – can you spot any glaring errors?

Breakfast – portion home-made low cal granola (183 cals, fact fans) with 50g 0% fat Greek yoghurt and half a dozen strawberries. This makes me hungry again almost as soon as I’ve finished it.
Mid morning – Starbucks Mocha light Frappuccino (just under 120 cals) and 2 choc-chip oatcakes (c80 cals)
Lunchtime – 4 Ryvita spread with low cal cream cheese and topped with smoked salmon and rocket. Sugar free jelly.
Mid afternoon – Bear granola nibbles (97 cals) and nectarine
Dinner – Big green salad (3 types of leaf, cucumber and tomatoes) drizzled with 1 dsp olive oil and 2.5 dsp pomegranate vinegar. Half a galia melon with a pack of parma ham. More strawberries. 2 dark chocolate Rococo discs.

Other options might be a Pret salad for lunch (c320 cals) and either fish and roasted veg, a prawn stir-fry (no rice or noodles) or a 2 egg omelette with low fat cheddar and mushrooms with salad as evening meals.

Where am I going wrong? I struggle to see how I could give more up - I'm hungry as it is. At the weekend I might have a glass or two of wine but generally resist more than one 'treat' whilst still trying to find something that bf and I can eat together without him feeling that he's confined to 'diet food'.

In other news: I forced myself to cycle yesterday, feeling quite tired from the previous day, but anticipating my encounter with SoD this morning. I got shouted and sworn at by 2 builders in a Fiesta who couldn't get past on the section of the road where my cycle path is closed (interminably) and we're forced onto the very narrow road. And as I almost reached home (thank goodness), my saddle broke and my left buttock plummeted in a strange and unpleasant sensation. I'm trying to tell myself that it's nothing to do with my heftiness - it's an old saddle I've had a long time and it has just corroded. Yes, it's the (big) spring that's broken. I've bought a new one today that's the closest you can get to an armchair on a bike. It seems despite my own prolific padding, I still need a good 4" of gel between me and the bike.

I must not let SoD ruin my weekend, I must not.


Linz M said...

I think scales are the root of all evil. Try not to get too disheartened, although that's easy for me to say. Maybe you are exercising too much?? Is that possible?

I can't really see any issues with your food to be honest, my only suggestion would be more protein. I've found that it makes me feel fuller for longer and means I don't tend to snack so much. Babybel lights are fab snacks as they do seem to fill you up. Yesterday I had a massive salad with a whole can of tuna for lunch (how very decadent) which had me full for hours. Just a small thought.

However, I'm not an expert at all and not really sure of what I am doing myself as you'll know from my recent mammoth gain.

Have a good weekend and ignore those bloody SoD.

Isabella said...

I'm impressed with how few calories you are eating, but after looking at your list I thought, "I would be absolutely starving all day if that was what I ate".

If you are starving, that may be the issue. Your body will be going into famine mode and holding on to all the weight it can.

As Linz M said - more protein would be good. It keeps you from getting hungry. If I were you I would cut down on grains (granola, rivita etc), have an egg at breakfast and include more meat and more vegetables. Vegies are great because they have so few calories so you can eat heaps of them.

Alice said...

Your eating looks very virtuous! You put me to shame, really. The only thing I can suggest, since it's something I'm about to embark on (if i can get my act together) on the advice of a few people, is to worry less about food and instead increase the exercise to really vigorous things like spin class, running (ok, not running!) And also doing weights, since muscle will help you burn more fat and keep it off.
Anyway, just a suggestion. Keep trying, keep writing. There's lots of people cheering you on!

Claire said...

The diet is fine...but you don't have to be starving hungry to diet. I have fruit or porridge for brekkie, a mid morning apple, salad for lunch, a mid afternoon yoghurt, a 400 cal tea and crackers and hummus for supper...all for 1200 cals.

How many cals are you eating? It seems less than that in my head.

So I'd suggest eat more, eat more often and just stick to it. SOD are just a bitch. I've recently discovered salt is my bugbear. Maybe work out how much salt you are eating. Once I dropped the salt I've lost much easier.

There will be a way for your body to lose weight - you just have to keep experimenting until you find it. xxx ps Two stone up could be WAY worse. 90% of dieters are WAY worse than that. Give yourself a bit of credit there.

Seren said...

Ugh, I hate scales in general. Evil little things.

I agree with everything people have said - your daily menu looks fab, but is it enough with all the exercise you are doing? My body seems to respond well to increasing my food intake along with the exercise.

Do you keep an absolutely honest food diary? I know if I am not 100% vigilent the odd little bite, sip, mouthful-off-someone-elses-plate can add up...

Also, why not try looking back at what you were eating the week you had that big 4lb loss? Can you see anything there that was different??

Good luck and DON'T let those treacherous scales get you down too much.


Boffcat said...

I agree with Isabella - I'm not sure you're keeping yourself full enough. As someone who's perpetually hungry, my two lifesavers are porridge and popcorn - a bowl of porridge keeps me full until late lunchtime, while feeling virtuously smug about all that oaty age-defying goodness, while popcorn (as in, made on the hob from a pack of kernels) is my go-to low-calorie quick-but-satisfying snack.

Good luck! I know how incredibly frustrating it is to feel that you're doing all the right things and not reaping proportionate rewards. It'll happen :)

Lesley said...

Aaah Peri, that is rubbish. I feel for you, really do. Stick to it and try not to think about food as much. (I KNOW that is easier said than done so apologise now for the glib suggestion.)

No other thoughts I'm afraid.

Lesley xx