Friday, 9 July 2010

Feeling Fruity

So, another week and another stellar result from SoD. Down 0.5lb. Yes, you read that right, a measly half a pound off. AND I’d cut my fingernails last night – that probably accounts for the 0.5lbs. It’s so frustrating that I could scream. Do you reckon that screaming burns many calories? Simmering rage and frustration doesn’t seem to.

One thing that definitely doesn’t help are fruit binges, the like of which I had yesterday: one big piece watermelon, half a portion of strawberries, 2 nectarines and a kilo (yep a whole kilo) of cherries. My sugar addiction is alive, well and prepared to thrive on fructose if nothing else is available. I had an abstemious 6 Percy Pigs from a communal supply yesterday ( That may not sound impressive (25/30 cals per oinker – and apparently ½ a point each) but I have been known to eat whole bags of these – they’re utterly delish. And even knowing that they contain, um, actual pig, doesn’t seem to put me off. That’s protein, right?

I bought and read the WW magazine. This is always troublesome since I don’t like to buy diet mags, in case the cashier hadn’t noticed I was fat up until that point! I managed to get it on a self-service till and smuggled it back. I am congenitally incapable of doing anything in a restrained or moderate fashion so am on a hell for leather on this – this weekend I’ll sign up and part with £30 I can’t really afford. I reckon Sunday is a good day to start somehow – gives me time to get to grips with the system. I am suspending all cynicism around avocadoes vs marshmallows and going for it hell for leather. I am at that stage I always am at the beginning of a new diet where I’m really hopeful that this time I’ve found the one; that this time it will work. But I know enough to have little faith that this is actually true.

PS Seren – can’t replicate what happened the week I lost 4lbs as this was a bout of some sort of gastric bug which kept me veeery close to a loo for 3 days. I have to say, it was more effective and actually more pleasant than Lighter Life but probably difficult to sustain every week! Not to mention the sick leave I’d incur. And I’d probably get a permanent ridge round my bottom where the loo seat left an impression. Not necessarily a deal-breaker but not something that would contribute to a fine physique.


Lesley said...

Tee hee. Laughing about your ridged bottom!!

Half a lb off is at least a loss! I remember having fruit binges a while ago and they really do slow down your loss. I found that the amount of fruit I was eating crept up and up until I was polishing off loads and it was nearly a third of my daily calories!! Had to nip it in the bud then. It was logging it on a website counter that made the difference for me so maybe WW will accomplish the same for you.

Good luck chuck.

Lesley xx

Alice said...

A loss is still a loss! Well done. And I think WW is a great idea. The only thing that has ever really worked for me is some kind of counting system, points or calories. WW is good too because it tells you how many extra points you can save, and earn, through exercise so you don't kid yourself.

And speaking of how eating less can can hinder your weight loss, this is pretty interesting and useful:

Seren said...

Ah well, scratch my idea then!

Half a pound loss is good going, give yourself a pat on the back. I know it's irritating when people quote statistics at you but still...half a pound a week nearly two stone in a year which is better than a kick in the teeth.

And I definitely share your love of Percy Pigs, and the piglets and all his friends...gorgeous.

Hope WW got off to a good start for you yesterday. You already seem to have the healthy eating cracked, and now it's just about tweaking the amounts you're eating and you should be away!