Friday, 23 July 2010

Situation normal

Phew, the world is back turning on its axis in its proper place. This morning SoD told me I’d lost a big, fat zero lbs today. Okay, it’s only 3 days since I last weighed but that’s 3 days on ration points, ready for a weekend on expanded points. I won’t give up quite yet – I think I need to just start weighing on a Tuesday, after a full WW week and dispense with my habit of weighing on a Friday (based on my firm feeling that the weekend does the most damage and therefore weighing as far away from that as possible would give the most advantageous reading)). And I may be catching up from last week's good loss. Either way, just to reassure you, dear Reader, that I'm not chucking in the towel at the first setback.

Maybe I’ll have dropped a bit by Tuesday. I will be walking tonight (hopefully) – c5miles, tomorrow: 10miles and Sunday a couple of miles. And I think and hope (and maybe pray a bit) that I will come in okay for points over the weekend – I have 12 to spare and I did it fine last weekend. Technically I have well over a day’s worth of points earned in exercise over the week too. I do like those there as a buffer though – I can count as carefully as I like but there’s always something unexpected that bites me on my (lardy) arse (small example is one nectarine being half a point - but if I eat 2 a day they’re suddenly 1.5 points and yesterday’s Leggera pizza is vague: it says that all these pizzas are 7.5-8.5 points which is not very precise when every half point counts! I counted 8 but am suspicious of my unerring ability to plump for - well, the choice that makes me plumper).

And – a confession. Yesterday I ate some sweets from the stash someone at work brought in. I seem to be incapable of resisting these. I had 4 marshmallows, 5 haribo and 5 jelly babies (which is me being ultra-restrained, people. AND I had one bite of home made cake and decided it wasn't worth the points and chucked the rest). I haven’t counted/pointed the sweets – partly because I can’t work out how and partly because I didn’t want to wreck my neat totals (yes, very bad – and dangerous - reasoning). I have mentally offset them against my huge stash of exercise credits for the week. It’s not good behaviour and I’m not proud (but they were delicious). It won't become a habit though.

This weekend sees a lot of walking. And BNF and the friend coming down to the tin hut tonight will be having a Ginger Pig pie – but I, martyr that I am, have bought myself a low cal/fat version from M&S, rather than risk guessing points in the dark (that would be the dark of blubber and fear). I also need to restrain myself on booze and point what I do have (tricky since friend is making mojitos – I found a dodgy reference to them being 1.5 points but I’m far from convinced (another reason to be grateful for those exercise points buffer)). And we’re going out to dinner tomorrow night which again leads me away from being able to control points consumed (or even know for sure). I am going to make the best choices I can (fish or meat and skip the carbs) and try and point as far as I am able. And I think I’ll have enough points for a pudd – hurrah!


Nona said...

What the hell is Ginger Pig pie????

I have found that a good weight loss is often followed by a not so good one. After all that exercise this weekend, surely you'll have a good result next week.

Have a nice weekend.

Isabella said...

Congratulations on throwing out the cheesecake after one bite - that's a big step forward. Next time you may be able to say 'no' from the start.

Seren said...

Ooooh, Ginger Pig, is that the butcher from Borough Market?

Sweets tend to be pretty low in points actually (no fat!), so I reckon you'll be fine. I don't tend to go in much for WW products, but their sugar free fruit gums (the rather catchily named "Fruities") may be worth an investment - they're not bad tasting and only half a point a box.

Hope you had a fab weekend.