Monday, 12 July 2010

I scream at ice cream

I’m struggling. Not even half way through day 2 on WW and I’m struggling. Today, the best I can manage is to hit points bang on – and I really wanted to be saving 4 every week day for the weekend.

I had my granola, strawberries and yoghurt breakfast – 4.5 points (although I’ve discovered I can have twice the amount of yoghurt for the same points so looking forward to tomorrow already!). Mid-morning I was starving and had a nectarine and 2 nairn’s choc chip oatcakes – 2 points. Lunchtime I’ve got a green salad (all 0 points except for the dsp of olive oil which is a shocking 1.5 points – and that’s cutting it down from a tbsp, and a QUARTER of an avocado for 1.5 points (I think avocado’ll have to go)) and a home-baked spiced chicken breast which all comes to 6 points for lunch. Then this evening I have two WW recipes that I made double of yesterday – goan prawn curry with rice (Rice! I can’t remember the last time I ate rice) and sag chicken - 7 points. And then 10g chocolate for 1 point. And unless I can manage all afternoon without a snack (of 1.5 points), I’m there at 22 points. How do I DO this? Where am I going wrong? I really need to be able to save those 4 points for the weekend.

Yesterday I KNOW – in retrospect – where I went wrong. At my mum’s she offered us a magnum. I did a quick calculation in my head and thought I had enough points with a bit of jiggery-pokery. Schoolgirl error – it was a Magnum Gold and was 7.5 points! I had to cut lunch out almost completely to compensate. It was not even that good. Unlike a Magnum Temptation (which a google search said was 6) which was utterly delicious, despite its hilarious reverent gold jewellery box style packaging. We have 2 in the freezer at the tin hut and I’m hoping to be able to have one of them at least (if I can persuade BNF to have the other).

And all this is before I tackle the big problem of how I keep a grip on points over the weekend when I’ll be away in the tin hut for 3 days (whoopee for 3 days, argh for points).

AND I have to go and drink 2 cocktails tomorrow. No, seriously, I do. I’m trying out cocktails for my birthday do. How do I point them? How do I keep to points that day? Let alone save some for the weekend. If only stress burnt fat....

Of course, it’s interesting that I’m struggling so much on my allocated points – I guess I have been over-eating all along without realising (and STILL being hungry).


Linz M said...

I am not sure I can be of much assistance, however as a manic points counter, I shall try.

For the salad, I'd skip the avocado (as lovely as it is, it's fairly pointy) and the olive oil and use Balsamic Vinegar instead if you like that as that's free? There's 3 points for you. For my salads, I tend to have Spinach, Tomatoes, Spring Onions, Cucumber, Carrots and sometimes, if I am spoiling myself, rocket all for 0 points. If I don't have just leaves, I feel like I am having a lot more.

Bear Granola Nibbles are 1.5 points a bag and I am finding them a great snack mid morning as they last forever and fill me up (so there's another half a point I've saved you).

Do you like apricots? You get 4 for 0.5 points - so they are good for a mid morning or mid afternoon snack.

Carrot sticks also are good for munching on for zero pointage along with cherry toms. You can have a little dollop of reduced fat houmous (1pt ish) if you really want to spoil yourself.

As for the cocktails, its a hard one, but I tend to just point the alcohol in them and any added juice, you can only really guesstimate.

And if you want ice cream, go for Skinny Cows - fab and only 1.5 points per stick.

Good luck :) x

Shauna said...

See this is where WW gives me the shits. The avocado is good for you and the healthy fats help keep you fuller for longer. But they're so pointy that people end up cutting them out. I have no idea what the answer is here, by the way :(

Linz M said...

I'm on 26 points a day so I get a few more than you to play with, which makes it a bit easier to save points I guess.

I've never counted my Balsamic vinegar as half a point! I also love Extra light salad cream - not as good for you I imagine but very good for points :) Good luck with the fat free vinaigrette!

When I am being good, I do tend to eat a lot of no point stuff for filling up purposes. No point veggie soup is very good for this, but not really ideal in the summer.

I drink a shed load of water and green tea as well. To be honest though, it does get easier. My first few days back 'on plan' I wanted to chew my own arm off. Now I am not really hungry in between meals or maybe I am, I've just gotten used to it :(

I also use my bonus points. I know that doesn't work for everyone, but if I've had a week where I've earnt a few, I'll use them at the weekends if I need them.

I'll look through my planner and find some good days to see if I can see any other good fillers.

Stick with it though, it does get easier honestly x

Badger said...

Can you still exercise to earn extra points?
Skinny cow ice creams are a pretty good low point substitute for Magnums or a Solero.
No point soup is a good filler and crudites and low fat humous.
The WW desserts are pretty good too for very few points.
Jacket potatoes were my WW staple back in the day. x

Alice said...

It is reeeally hard to save points. At most I could usually manage one a day - the only way to do it I found was to earn bonus points by exercising. Even if you save 4 a day, are you allowed to eat them all at once? I thought there was a limit to how many extra you could 'spend' per day.

My strategy when doing WW was to eat lots of zero point vegetables and soups but always include some fat and protein for satiety. a big veggie salad won't satisfy you (or it didn't satisfy me!) unless it has something like avocado or tuna in it.

I also found generally it's easier to stay within points if you have meals that are all carb (wholegrain really is more filling), or all protein, plus veggies. Combining can add up. Also seafood is really low in points so that's a good protein.

You'll get the hang of it and soon find out what works for you. It's normal to have some adjustment problems. Good luck!!

Seren said...

Your food all looks great from what I can see - it may just be a question of getting used to slightly reduced portion sizes and making the odd tweak here and there.

Also, when you calculated your points allowance, did you include any activity that you are doing? If not, then remember to include bonus points. They are your friend and personally, I don't find any problems losing weight if I'm eating some/all of them.

As most of the other WWs have said, the key is to take advantage of zero point veggies as much as possible. I tend to take a handful of cherry toms with me to pick at during the day. You could add to your salad - a home made coleslaw for example, with grated carrot, shredded cabbage, onions, celeriac all doused in a bit of fat free yoghurt and plenty of seasoning will add plenty of volume and not too many points. Soup too - although it's not really the weather for it at the moment.

As for the weekend (a tin hut sounds like great fun) walk as much as possible - walking earns tons of bonus points. Make intuitive choices - which it sounds like you do already. Stick to lean meats and fish, salads and veggies. Drinking - avoid anything creamy; vodka or gin and slimline tonic is the way to go. Or possible spritzers although I don't really see the point of watering down wine.

And now, having written a novel, I will cease and desist :-)