Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Curiouser and curiouser

I gulped in trepidation as I got on SoD on Tuesday after the weekend on expanded points. I had stuck to my points, but whereas I had been having 18 (to save 4), I was now having 26. On Monday this included a 7 point brownie! I also had wine, 2 magnums and a chinese takeaway (not what I would have chosen but pointed up and tasty) - not all at once I would add. And we did two 7 mile walks (I aim not to use bonus points earnt by exercise - as a buffer). But I reasoned that weighing on Friday gave me an unrealistic result because it didn't reflect the full points for the week. That's why I had to weigh on Tuesday too. And ....... I'd lost a bit more - bringing my total for the first 8 days on WW to a loss of 5lbs! I am incredulous. It's an odd sensation - usually I have the crushing disappointment and then the hope for the following week builds; this time I had the hope up front - a double serving if you will - and now I have the fear. I guess it's the fear of hope being dashed further down the road (read: Friday). I'm trying to quash both the fear and the hope and carry on - there isn't anything else I can do after all.

I'm back on the 18 points regime at the moment (hungry!), busily squirrelling points up for the weekend. And hoping for the best.


Seren said...

What a fantastic result, well done you!

I'm sorry the risotto didn't work out for you. I'll try and look out some links for other recipes that I've pointed up over the weekend which will hopefully be more successful.


Claire said...

Good for you! Yay!

Linz M said...


For bread I use Warburtons Medium Sliced Wholemeal Bread - 2 slices for 1.5 points. Bargainous and much nicer than WW bread which turns to dust if you toast it.