Thursday, 20 September 2007

Day 87 - the great thaw

B/f came home last night in a much warmer and more affectionate mood. And this was before he saw the half bottle of champagne I'd stashed in the fridge for him for tonight (his birthday) and the nice bottle of wine. Then today I went dashing off to Paul (patisserie) to get him pear tart for his pudding. They didn't have it in Covent Garden so I phoned branches and have located a piece I'll collect for him after work.

B/f is still incredulous that I've gone 3 months without drinking. Not that I was a lush before but definitely an oenophile (I hope that's right (lover of wine) and I haven't claimed a love of something unmentionable!). I really do love wine and am not bad at the whole tasting/sniffing/slooshing thing. The next time I can see me drinking is Christmas - I don't think I will on holiday as they don't really do decent wine and I'm not that bothered by anything else. It is, as he pointed out, probably the longest I've been without drinking since I started drinking.

But I got on the scales today (as roughly halfway through the week) and they hadn't moved a jot. It's almost as if as soon as I set a goal that I thought I could reach, everything ground to a halt! I thought I was being philosophical but then I ate two cookies and a couple of chocolates from our snack table. I think it was mostly because of the tyrrany of the scales - and a bit because I know that tomorrow lunchtime I will be eating (sensibly) in a restaurant as an undercover dieter. Undercover as b/f's parents don't know I'm dieting. Not good enough. Were I wearing socks I would firmly pull them up.

Next update - Tuesday, post official WI and post next meeting with stroppy LLC. I hope she's decided to be more conciliatory - even friendly? I texted her to ask if she's got the new bars in but didn't hear anything.


Such A Pretty Face... said...

Hi there,

I am serial scale hopper and more often than not they end up depressing me. I get weighed on Mondays so normally by Thursday I have jumped on and off a few times to see if there has been any difference. This week I haven't and I don't intend to as I fear it may send me a bit barmy.

You really are lovely girlfriend to buy all that yummy stuff for your boyfriend and yet not eat any of it yourself.

I heard about the new bars on minimins but my counsellor hasn't mentioned anything about them, bit reluctant to email and ask as I am a big scaredy cat and she seemed a bit negative towards the internet forum - so will wait til monday to see if she mentions them.

Hope the dinner goes well tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Glad things have improved on the home front, its always so much easier to get on with such a tough diet when you have support from home, totally fantastic of you to get your b/f all his fave treats for his birthday and not succumb as well!

Also fantastic news on the drinking front, thats the area I'm most worried about, as before CD my entire social life was based around drinking (sounds v alcoholic, but really just the fact that we always tend to meet up in the pub for drinks after work etc)
Good luck on the undercover diet expedition - simply need to get back on the wagon afterwards I guess!

Lesley said...

I'm glad you're back on an even keel with the b/f. Nsty to have tension and not good for the diet either!!

Step away from the snack table!! It's hard though once you have a nibble to stop. I've been lucky as our snack offerings have been pretty thin the last week or so so I've been able to resist.

Good luck with the secret dieting and don;t let it get out of hand. remember your 3 1/2 stone target. nag nag nag...sorree

Keep it up chuck!

Lesley x

Mrs said...

Wow, I learnt a new word today...a person who likes wine. V.impressive.

The goal thing is interesting and I'd like to comment more. Peridot - please nag me about this next week. It's 12.45am and I am shattered. I might have an idea that will work for you.

You are sounding like a super dreamy girlfriend right now and I am sure b/f is very proud of your resolve!!

I notice we're all celebrating other people's birthdays right now....all those Leos and Virgos!!!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx