Monday, 17 September 2007

Day 84 - update

I haven't updated for a week (as has been pointed out) so despite having so little to say I thought I'd let you know the latest.

Last week's official WI was 2.6lbs - I didn't even get upset, I've got so used to piddling losses that it doesn't disappoint or surprise me any more. It kind of pulls me down a bit but I know that I'm not going to give up so there's no point in throwing myself about in histrionics. I think grim acceptance and plodding on sums up my mood.

My LLC was pretty awful though. For a start, she told us that the final day of our 100 days would be, er, day 91! She doesn't do a class the following week as we should all be in Development and starting that, then she turned to me and said "I take it everyone's going on except I don't know about you Peridot". Well, she didn't say Peridot because that's not my name but you get my point! I explained that I couldn't afford to go on indefinitely, especially given my small losses but would like to go away, get to a good weight (didn't mention Cambridge Diet as I thought that might annoy her) and come back and do Management. She told me unequivocally and emphatically that this was not possible. I checked with LLHO and if you do Foundation you're entitled to do Management - they offered to speak to her but I don't want to do it with her in any case. May just drop it into conversation if I get an opening tonight though! LLHO were really good and sympathetic that people can't afford £66 pw indefinitely. She's just so rigid (LLC) - I think she struggles with any interpretation (which explains why she only reads out the counselling crib sheets in a sing-song voice and is unable to deviate at all) and is unable to think for herself. Strange. Sad. Bloody irritating.

I've been pretty good all week. On my scales at home I've now exceeded the 3st loss - not that this will necessarily translate tonight of course! It would be nice to think that I could make it 3st7lbs for Foundation, given that there are 2 weeks and 2 days to go (and I think I've lost 2lbs more than the 3st at this stage) but I know better than to expect such specifics. Still hoping though - clearly ever an optimist!

Two highlights of the week - got remeasured for bras. I thought that the ones I was wearing were okay but given that I know I've lost about 6" off my bust thought it was unlikely to be the same. It turns out that I've basically lost the weight around my rib cage (not that I have a rib cage yet - not visibly in any case!) but not off my breasts so my band size has gone down and my cup size up. Feeling very gripped by my new bra today! I can feel the difference - it's definitely better and gives me more of a waist (I think). The fitter had been on LL too so was very sympathetic (she's in Development and has lost 4st in 4 months). I tried not to go into a mad buying frenzy as I may very well go down more (I would have thought) but you do need enough knickers to get through a week! And I'm really not a rich girl. Hopefully I'll not outgrow them too soon so I'll get some use out of them. Annoyingly I had a brand spanking new set from Rigby and Pellar that I'd never worn (was saving them for a special occasion - dur), still with labels and now no longer going to fit me. I've put them on ebay though so let's see.

Secondly, I cooked up a load of apples with spices on Sunday - my b/f's mother gave them to us from the tree in her back garden - and put them in little foil containers (purchased specially), neatly labelled in the freezer. I found this enormously satisfying. I love the thought of using really good, home-grown produce to have on tap (or on freezer in any rate) for use during the winter - even though I'm sure I won't get any as I'll still be on this flipping diet! I guess it's that primitive hibernation instinct - and actually I'd love to hibernate, it's so cold today!

So given that I didn't have alot to say I've managed to witter on and on. Will try and post again tomorrow, post LL. We're having our 'after' photos done tonight - I would say 'during' photos as it's day 84, it's not 'after' at all. They bang on and on about 100 days and it seems to be a myth. Everything ends long before that. Final photos - day 84, final WI - day 91. Hmmmm, mythtifying.


Mrs said...

Dear Peridot

Well, what can I say? It's ALL going on (well, off, to be fair)!

I wonder if your experience is massively hindered by an obviously CRAP LLC? Our Foundation course lasted 14 weeks ie 98 days but week 1 was the first day, as it were. Why don't you get LLHO to intervene? It's piss-poor service in my view!

What also saddens me is you're seemingly disappointed - even though by your own scales you have lost 3 stone and you are talking about hoping to get to 3stone7lbs weight loss by the end of 100 days. Isn't that fantastic or am I missing the point? Sorry if you feel like smacking me for saying that! I hope you know what I mean.

I think you have done amazingly well but I fear this is of small comfort.

Wish I could say the right words but I don't think they are happening tonight.

Big hugs.

Mrs Lxxxxx

Conn76 said...

How strange, I too spent Sunday stewing apples with cinnamon sticks - but left them for my parents to eat. I loved being around food and preparing it again. I have really missed cooking.

I know what you mean about the slow weight loss. I too want to have massive losses every week but, again like you, I'm sticking with it. Fortunately my LLC is fantastic. I have never seen her read from notes or the folder. I guess I have been lucky on that score.

Good Luck for the week ahead!


Sandra said...

Glad to see you've hit the 3 stone. I know you were worried about that at some point.

I know that it might feel like a small loss but LL estimate an average of 3 lbs a week and 2.6 is only 4 10ths of a pound less than average! Remember those of us with big losses may have gained the week before and be dunping glycogen...

If I could offer any advice, it would be to TRY to be a bit more positive about what you are achieving. One of the great sites I visited from the Foundation book was the goal mapping site (lift international). That guy talks about how the transmitters in your brain react to negative or positve thought and can really change everything. He is much better at explaining it!

Anyway - good luck with the next couple of weeks and then moving onto CD.