Monday, 10 September 2007

Day 77 - ouch

Happy Birthday R! V lovely and excellent friend. She's been very supportive and empathises (despite being willowy she still 'gets it').

Managed not to implode on Friday - nor to eat anything else (including packs). I didn't feel any different so hopefully I didn't knock myself out of ketosis. Suspect my loss at WI tonight will be more than usually pitiful though.

Could have stabbed b/f who was eating Kettle Chips last night (pre-dinner snack) - I don't even like Kettle Chips, or plain crisps generally (too dull) but I really, really wanted them and was willing him to leave the room so I could grab one. There must have been an evil glint in my eye as he firmly moved them to the other side of him- away from me. I even considered licking the empty bowl afterwards (no shame, as you can see!) but he put it straight in soak! I do hope he can't read my mind or I'm in all kinds of trouble!

Had a tough weekend in some ways - I was on call and so ended up still working at 2am on Sunday morning and then getting calls at 6am onwards. So very tired - and I compounded this by finding it hard to get to sleep last night, and when I did I had nightmares so don't feel too rested. Then I forgot to take a laxative as planned on Saturday night (unsurprisingly) so took one last night as was - in need. Now have grim stomach ache and was late in to work this morning as I dared not leave the loo! Hopefully it will have - ahem - cleared me out though. Certainly feels as if someone's taken a dynorod to my insides!

On Saturday afternoon when work wasn't so busy I went through all my wardrobe, chucking things out that no longer fit me properly. I now have practically no clothes left! On one hand this is good as it shows some change, on the other it does rather leave me with the problem of what to wear - yikes! And as I'm broke, getting stuff to replace it seems tricky - double yikes! Put some beautiful stuff on ebay - was really sad to see some things go and had a look to see if anyone was selling a couple of the jackets and skirts in a smaller size (no).

Having said all that, we popped round to see b/f's parents who I'd not seen since I started LL. They didn't notice! And I know they'd say - they did when I lost a stone and a half on WW. Sigh. They did show us some photos taken of us altogether in May and I could see a difference in myself and that's the most important thing I guess.

Will update tomorrow after the class tonight.


Such A Pretty Face... said...


I have practically no clothes left and in the boat as you in terms of finance i.e have none.

I am currently "borrowing" stuff off my sister and frantically going through old boxes of clothes to see if I have anything that vaguely fits.

I really want to sell some of my bigger sizes on ebay but have heard such horror stories that have still not got round to it.

Good luck with your weigh-in tomorrow.


Lesley said...

YOu're smaller - it's empirically proven so it's working. grim as the experience has been for you, I can really hear it in your "voice" that you are achanging and seeing the positive side to all this. really!!

Is there anyone in your class growing out of clothes in your size? We had a clothes exchange in our class which I did really well out of. otherwise I would recommend Primark and Matalan for cheap and cheerful stuff (trousers for a fiver, tops for £2 or £3) to get you through the next few weeks until the next size. It doesn't have to be quality when it only has to last a few weeks.

Keep it up.

Lesley x

Mrs said...

Sorry I have not left a lovely friendly message when you are so challenged. It's been a tough week but that's no excuse.

Hope you are doing ok.

Thinking of you.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxx