Friday, 24 August 2007

Day 60 - LL is everywhere!

I met a neighbour in the lift yesterday (we live in a flat). Dialogue:

Neighbour: Have you lost weight? Your face looks slimmer.....
Me (uncharateristically honest): I have a bit. Most people don't notice though
Her: Oh no, I can see it. Your face looks thin. Well, not thin but..... My sister has put me to shame, she's lost 4 stone
Me: Oh goodness, how did she do that?
Her: She's doing this thing called Lighter Life...
Me (interrupting AND being honest): Yes, that's what I'm doing
Her: Well, she's lost 4 stone in 16 weeks. But it just sounds so tough
Me: It IS tough! I'm only on week 9 but it's been pretty slow for me. Good for her though

And the other day I saw someone upstairs in our office vigorously shaking her LL shaker. Now, I've never known anyone do anything like this before (and I would have loved to have talked to someone when I was starting) but perhaps there are more secret squirrels like me. Not that waving your shaker about is exactly secretive - I suppose I wouldn't have known what it was before though. I am, needless to say, very jealous about the 4stone!

I'm sadly excited by news of new flavours. Two soups - broccoli and cheese and tomato and vague rumours of a new bar. They don't seem to be due until September and my 100 days is up in the beginning of October so I may only get a brief go at them. And I'm not that keen on the current menu of bars either.

After I come back from Turkey I am definitely going to go to CD. I just can't justify the money. It won't make much difference to me but b/f is paying £30 a week towards LL and it would free up that money. Not fair to keep him paying since at my snail pace god only knows how long this could take. Suspect I will lose the impetus if it goes on too long after Christmas though. To be in the middle of my BMI I need to lose another 4st 6lbs (by my scales). And I'm eating in Turkey (sensibly) so can expect to put on there. And over Christmas (going to allow myself that day off the diet). It feels like a prison sentence sometimes. Of course, by LL standards I should lose at least a stone by the end of Foundation (5 weeks) which should mean 3st something to lose afterwards, but given my current progress that seems unlikely.

I think that the new flavours for CD should give me a boost though when it will be hard to go back to it after holiday. But I like the LL bit of Minis! I've looked at the CD bit and I don't like it as much! Who says familiarity breeds contempt?! Still, this is not as important as getting through this as best and as long as I can.

Allegedly the weekend is supposed to be sunny (although I notice that the BBC weather site is already rowing back from more optimistic forecasts from yesterday). We're pootling tomorrow, walking on Sunday and going to Kew on Monday (hopefully). And there's the birthday eating experience to look forward to too! And the obligatory cakes for the snack table to think of for next Tuesday! Think I'll mostly be buying things I don't personally like (evil chortle)!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Mrs said...


Will be thinking of you and wishing you a lovely day. You are doing well; just see how you go.

Have a fabby weekend! Hooray, it's sunny!

Love Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lesley said...

It's defintely an up and coming diet! I suppose all the sucess which people experience ( and you too!!) breeds more punters.

Have a great weekend and stick to it as it IS happening for you, just a bit slowly.


Lesley x