Friday, 10 August 2007

Day 46 - Frantic bid for weight loss

I can honestly say I've done everything I can to help myself to a good WI on Monday. But still I have no faith (which according to wise LLC is the sole reason the weight isn't just dropping off - v scientific that). I have walked in every day, I have an active weekend planned, I have drunk 6l of water every day, I have drunk 2 cups of nettle tea every day (bleurgh!), I have taken lots of water flavourings and added in psyllium husks. Given my poor results over the last 3 weeks though I am looking at 9 1/2lb loss needed to get back on track for the 1st a month promised. I didn't lose that in my first week so it seems very unlikely. And with the exception of the tea and husks - none of this is new.

I have to say that my rings are tight today though. They have been slightly loose so possibly there's something in the theory that I'm retaining water - but this is with the extra water and the pond-water tea. I'm so anxious about all of this that it's seeping into my whole life. I have heard anxiety makes you slim but in that case I should be having to eat cream cakes to keep weight on! And that would be dreadful. Ahem.

Today in my super-greedy office we are having a cheese and wine afternoon. Cheese is something that I've really missed - although not something I was fixated on before LL. I bought some Colston Bassett stilton from Neals Yard Dairy (the best Stilton from the best cheese shop ever!) as my contribution and could weep at the prospect that I can't taste it. I've told them that my mum is cooking dinner for me and the b/f tonight so I mustn't go there full up. Of course, she is cooking dinner - but for b/f, not me. And she's made him one of her amazing homemade quiches for lunch since he's over there slaving on her garden on a day's leave today (bless him). I don't like shop-bought quiche (or anything pastry-y) but my mum's quiche is sublime. But I have mushroom soup - wanna swop?! Will be worth it if I can actually lose the f**ing 9 1/2lbs - that's what I keep telling myself. Will next get a chance to update this blog after the next WI, week 7, halfway through. Think of me.


chrismars said...

Well if faith could make you lose weight then the Churches should be full of some very skinny people; but they're not - I know, not that sort of 'faith', but what a stoopid thing for your LLC to say.

Fingers crossed for you, Peridot


Lesley said...

I am thinking of you - actually it's surprising how often you and your plight pops into my head. I'm really rooting for a good weight loss this week (although I suspect 9 1/2 lbs may be pushing your luck!!)

(((((((((big hug)))))))))

Lesley x