Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Day 58 - heroic self control

As you know, after my measly loss this week my LL buddy and my mum both thought it might be an idea to add a small amount of protein to my diet this week in an attempt to kick-start my plodding metabolism (a la Cambridge Diet). As lovely as that sounds, I decided that a) I was too scared to try it in case I suddenly put on half a stone (knowing my luck) and b) was intending to have 2 chicken drumsticks and a small steak and green salad on Monday as it's my birthday so I'd pretty much find out then the effect on me then.

But last night in M&S Marble Arch I kept thinking about it. I went down to the food hall, thinking that if some chicken was less in calories than the 2 packs I was intending to have when I got in (I have a double shake in the evening) then where was the harm? I looked at a pack of 2 chicken drumsticks and the calories in ONE (large one) was I think 265 and I wasn't wholly certain that I'd be able not to eat the other one too. Nor was I certain that this was a sensible course of action (although a desirable one!) - what if I started mucking about with it regularly? After all, once I did this I can see how much more tempting it would be to continue - who wouldn't rather have a chicken drumstick than a pack? Well, okay veggies maybe. Even then though..... (joking). But then I trailed about, looking wistfully at cold hams and prawns (you can eat ALOT of yummy, juicy prawns for the same calories as 2 packs). But with heroic self control I left M&S empty handed. I felt quite sad about it but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I had better be given my just rewards for this....


Lesley said...

I think you did very well not to muck around with the plan. It's one thing to eat in a planned and controlled manner for a birthday treat but to eat because you feel "hurt" by the diet, or because you feel you deserve it, is pretty much going back to old behaviour.

You did an amazing thing walking out of the shop with no food and I'm incredibly proud of you. If nothing else, you're laying down the foundations for a slim future in these life lessons. That is worth an extra few weeks on the plan surely?

Good luck for next week's weigh in but, I would urge to you divorce your feelings of sucess/failure from the pure calculation of lbs and ounces. Your sucess can be measured in so many other ways too and every journey is individual.

Keep it up.

Lesley x

Mrs said...

Lesley is right!

And way to go, Peridot! That is AWESOME self-control. Funnily enough it was outside (well down that side street between that M&S and Gloucester Place) that I ate a third of a wrap.

And you know what? It wasn't worth the mental agony although it was not a furtive purchase.

So, stay strong - victory is all the sweeter for it. Take it from one who knows!

Big kiss and round of applause.

Mrs Lxxxxxxx