Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The great white hope

So, a WI post weekend showed that all those hated lbs had gone back on - and brought a chubby little 1/2 lb friend with them.  I'm hoping that this was a false start and that this is still a plan that will pull my diet plan from the smouldering ruins of despair and I had some cake over the weekend so maybe that has bitten me on my wobbly bum and if I stick to the (admittedly joyless) plan, I will make some progress.  I have an official WI tomorrow, having just done 2 intermittent VLCD days so we'll see where I am then.

A lurking trap just waiting to bite me with fanged jaws is, as ever, disguised as fun.  I have my 9 year old niece coming to stay with us in Suffolk with my mum and her dogs.  We'll be pretty cosy in our little hut.  Anyway, the hastily conceived entertainment plans end in fish and chips on Saturday night.  I am hoping that one lapse will not derail me but I am not optimistic.  I can't see a way round it though.  We're getting off an evening boat trip and heading back hutwards and need to pick up something hasty, child-friendly and treaty but not expensive en route.  Anyway, it will be lovely to see my niece - I don't see her often as she lives well and truly oop north (okay, Manchester) and she's very sweet and funny.  And she has a strong accent which amuses me although she pronounces 'bath' the way I do - because, as she says, she is "half southern"!

Work is dreadful.  I won't try your patience but sometimes it feels as if I'm teetering on the edge of insanity.  Or some kind of abyss anyway, I try not to look down into the depths.  I've put one job application in so keep your fingers crossed for me.  I just have to scrape enough confidence together to get through the interview; I'd be very unlucky not to get an interview but getting the job is a whole other ball game.  And I am notoriously butter fingered.

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