Monday, 2 July 2012

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Well, whoever chirped that little idiom originally had clearly not read the small text: namely, that there is a state in between in which you are not dead but feeling worse than if you were.  I refer of course, dear Reader, to Bodypump.  No-one could accuse me of slacking even though my weights were pitiful compared to everyone else and I couldn't do the tricep lifts off the back of the step, my legs were physically shaking by the time I left.  And the following day and the one after - well, everything became very difficult.  The main problem was that my legs wouldn't allow the range of motion to sit.  Which made going to the loo tricky - I thought I was going to have to learn to pee like a boy, standing up.  It wasn't just stiffness (I have that now, 4 days after the class), it was real pain - I begun to think I'd sprained both front thighs.  I couldn't go down steps - up was painful, down was agonising - and even the merest slope made me gasp.  I managed a hike with P on Saturday but every step was uncomfortable and the slight hill down at the end nearly made me cry.  Getting in to the car was exceptionally painful.  Am I stronger?  Not sure.  I'm just grateful I've stopped limping.

Not sure the idiom applies to cake-eating either.  We had our delayed tasting tonight.  I knew it would be worth it - this lady makes the moistest sponge I've ever had.  We tried 7 flavours (P tried 8 as I wouldn't touch the banana and custard flavour!) and although I only ate a maximum of 1/4 of a muffin sized cake, I feel very ill indeed.  They were delicious though - clearly quality would have been better than quantity but I'm sure I'll want a taste of each (except the fruit - bleurgh) on the night.  My colleagues are hoping I'll be taking a cake goody-bag in tomorrow but all I have are random 1/4 cakes.  At the moment I sincerely never want to eat cake again but I know this will pass.

The most exciting thing is that we sent our wedding invites out and as a result, have had our first 3 wedding presents.  Somehow it feels as if the wedding has stopped being just about me and P and is now about all our friends too.  It's so lovely to imagine our friends selecting from our honeymoon experiences list.  P's best man wrote a really touching message all about their friendship - it was witty but sufficiently moving that I almost cried.  And how lovely that people have bothered so far in advance of the actual day; friends are so great, I can't wait to share the day with them.  Yes, even the cake.

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Linz M said...

Oh I really know the pain you are feeling. I've experienced this agony after numerous PT sessions and I've almost had myself at Casualty a few times. I can only tell you it won't be as bad the next time.....

Exciting news about the wedding invites, it all becomes very real at that point. It'll be here before you know it x