Friday, 6 July 2012

Fleeing SoD

Knowledge may be power – but it also may be quite depressing. I’ve missed two WIs and I’m away next week. I’ve been 90% good in that time but as we know, 100% vigilance doesn’t achieve much so I’m pretty scared of what Scales of Doom might say. My 10% in the last 2 ½ weeks has included:

• 2 slices of bread and scrape of butter
• 2 bags of crisps
• 2 cookies (including a Bens. I’ve not had one for 2 years and I really shouldn’t have started now. Not that I’ve started as that implies continuing. This was a one off. A delicious, semi-cooked one off)
• ¼ of a Peking duck with pancakes
• 2 Magnums
• Extra 2 glasses of wine
• Cake tasting
• 4 Flat Whites. On 4 different days
• 2 flirtations with the smack table at work and a piece of cake
• A chicken miso soup with wholemeal glass noodles

It’s not a disaster. At least, it’s not a disaster for a normal person but for me...well, I fear the worst. Not quite sure why there is two of so many things either.

Next week I’m supposed to be spending a week hiking with my mother in Suffolk. The weather may curtail this but the dogs will insist on going out – it’s just whether it’s an enjoyable full day’s hiking or a quick and dirty (literally) whizz round. I am going to try and get back wholly on track in the week - with maybe one cheat on the night we go out to dinner. Then P and I have a birthday party to go to the following weekend – it’s in the garden (possibly) and it’s an unknown quantity. I don’t tend to drink during the day but who knows what the food will be. And what my powers of resistance will be up to.

Then once I’m back at work I think I’m going to try intermittent dieting. Breast Cancer UK have a diet whereby you spend 2 days a week on a VLCD diet and then the others eating sensibly (they recommend the Mediterranean . It involves a lot of dairy and very little else and you eat around 650 cals. Then I’ll do my usual no refined carbs the other days. My fear is sugar – I can have fruit yoghurt which is exciting but slightly worrying. Still, worth a try I reckon. I don’t like milk so I’ll be eating yoghurt, cottage cheese and having the odd Flat White. It actually sounds more indulgent than my usual diet....

Please keep your fingers crossed for me that I don’t develop trench foot over the next week and that much walking helps me achieve a positive result with SoD when I finally pluck up the courage to consult with it in 10 days time.

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Seren said...

Fingers crossed - as ever. And your list of transgressions doesn't sound too bad.

That milk diet sounds a little scary to me but they do say that a high dairy diet can have a positive effect on weight loss so will be interested to hear how it goes.