Friday, 27 July 2012

Holy cow (juice)

After two hungry days I lost 2 3/4 lbs.  Pretty damn amazing.  That's up there with Lighterlife.  I will need to see how the other 5 days impact on this - ie whether my weight just shoots straight back up - but if it doesn't, then this is very good news.  Okay, the 2 days were unpleasant but if I can lose 2lbs (+!) a week, I can put up with that. 

Of course, as much as I try to resist the temptation to, it's impossible not to do frantic sums and work out on this trajectory what this could mean.  Essentially if I could lose 1/2 a stone a month (so I'm not maxing out my optimism here), I could be a stone and a half lighter by the wedding.  This would be enough for me to retrieve my sense of self-esteem.  This would be, well, wonderful.  I'm trying not to get my hopes up to dashable heights but it's pretty tough.

So potential diet busting events between now and the wedding:
- my birthday (end of August) when a meal out, a slice of cake and a glass of fizz would be nice
- P's birthday (end of September) when I'm taking him to this amazing hotel in Devon for a long weekend - partially there and partially at our usual (lovely) B&B
- my hen do (more of that later)
- my family hen do.

My hen do is being sorted out by my lovely bridesmaids.  I have never thought of myself as deficient in the friend department until now.  Because there are only a very small handful of women I could invite and several of them can't make it.  Quality over quantitity is usually my watchword but I do actually feel a bit vulnerable about this.  And realistically, since there are only likely to be about 5 of us, we're limited in what we can do.  Not that I wanted the whole raucous L-plate wearing, sex toy brandishing, ritual humiliation, drunken clubbing night (fine if that's your thing, it is emphatically not mine), but even so, we're limited.  And yet, I know I'll enjoy whatever E and R come up with (no, they're not the queen) but I feel a bit embarrassed and ashamed for some of the others - that they'll think I'm a tad tragic.  I'm not well versed in hen dos - I've only ever been to one in my life; I've only ever been invited to two!

My other hen do is easier - less expectation maybe - and bizarrely bigger.  I wanted to do something for family - my weeny literal family (my mum), my metaphorical family (E and R and my godmother who will be over from the US and who I haven't seen since I wept bitterly as she returned to the States when I was 9 years old), and P's mother and two sisters.  And his three neices if they want to come - I suspect the 20 year old isn't happy with us for not asking her boyfriend.  Who we've met once.  He seemed nice but.... Anyway, he can come in the evening.  The middle one essentially only eats sweet stuff and fish fingers so it might not be her thing.  Heaven knows how she's made it to 17 without passing out.  And the youngest is 12.  A young 12.  So, we're all going out for afternoon tea the Sunday before the wedding.  Those of us who want to.  It will be nice for all of them to know who the others are.  And I felt as if there was no role for me when my brothers got married.  One previous sister-in-law invited me to spend the day before her wedding with her, her sisters and bridesmaids and have my nails done and drink fizz.  It was lovely and I was so thrilled to be included.  But that was it (out of their three weddings so far).  I guess the Chav-bride's equivalent was when the whole of her family went, en masse, for a spray tan (at the end of October); not sorry to have missed that experience at least.


Seren said...

Oh wow, that's fantastic! Everything crossed that you've finally found your magic bullet and the weight loss keeps up - although please don't be too disappointed if it drops a bit, two pounds a week is good going for any diet plan.

Ah, hen dos. My own was quite small - as you, I have a small number of very good friends and they were really the only people I wanted there. But it was absolutely fantastic. Quality definitely won out over quantity. And the afternoon tea sounds likely a lovely idea.


Lesley said...

Oooh, I hope you can hang onto that number!!

Re Hen do's - I've been to great big ones, tiny wee ones and all sizes in between and I can report that whether or not you have a good time has NOTHING to do with how many people there are at the event.

So good luck with both.

Lesley xx