Monday, 19 March 2012


It was a blameless weekend- but SoD says I put on 2lbs... Now, either 1) it gave me a pity-reading on Wednesday and Friday (the same) or 2) my pretty exemplary eating somehow didn’t work out so well for me or (and this is the one I’m pinning my hopes on) 3) it was a mean, false reading. On a Monday morning – how horrid is that? Well, less horrid than it being option 2. Or 1, come to that. But we are NOT amused.

Having had a few lovely Spring days in London, of course when we got to Suffolk it poured with rain for the duration. So the 9.5 mile walk was well and truly out (wait: maybe SoD was taking that into account and then had to revise upwards...) so we did some shopping including a long and technical debate with an odd and geeky gremlin man in a bike shop over the merits of mountain bikes over hybrids. He’d clearly not left the bike shop for at least 50 years – it was like stepping back in time. But he knew his bikes and we’ll be back.

And the fresh air – sea air combined with post (or mostly during) rain air chased my headache away. It came back as we crossed the boundary with the M25 – maybe I’m allergic to London?!

Then I couldn’t get any egg white in the supermarket so the tweaking of my omelette has yet to commence.

BUT I did walk part of the way to work today – it’s a tad under 3 miles. Not impressive but hopefully, done at a brisk trot (for stumpy legs anyway – obv everyone was passing me!), is enough to get some lard shifting without pushing my hyper-hysterical body into concluding it’s another famine and it had better lay down fat quick. Note to body: I think we're stocked enough now to outlast a really l-o-n-g famine, stop with the stockpiling.

Tomorrow will be more of a challenge as I have to wash my hair so walking in means an unpleasantly early alarm call. I need to think of my official encounter with SoD on Wednesday and how I really need that reading to have gone down. From last week I mean, I’m not including today’s expletive.


Seren said...

I'm going to go with the false reading option. The bstard scales are just messing with you.

Well done for the walking - inspired by your post I walked home from the station (a whole 18 minutes - I know!) yesterday. I have somewhat stumpy legs too - so am with you in spirit!


Call me Ishmael said...

I like Seren's comment on the "bastard sccales." They DO mess with people on purpose, I'm convinced. Also sorry about the migraine and impressed you didn't try to dull the pain with pretzels and carbs. That's some real willpower there, Peridot. If you get any answers about what else to eat do let me know. I'm on eggs for breakkie too these days -- no cheese because I inhale it. I thought I was going the right thing by having a good protein start to my day, but if you hear otherwise, do tell. I can't figure out from one day to the next what I can eat that won't make me gain weight -- seems like everything does! But like you, porridge or oatmeal in the morning leaves me hungry by 10 and prone to shakes later in the day. I guess we just carry on with this whole mad, bad experiment, right?

Lesley said...

Hey - I thought I'd commented on this but clearly didn't get it through to you! Sorry about the gain Peri and hope the walking has not been too onerous this week!

I remember now - my comment was a ranty post about eggs, basically saying you should eat whatever sort of eggs you damn well please (but more ranty!)

So, hope you have found happy medium. I'm of the opinion that, if you find something that works for you, you should stick with it!

Lesley xx