Monday, 26 March 2012

Heavy metal

I got a bit carried away by the sunshine and felt an overpowering urge to varnish my toenails. Now, I don’t expect to be out of opaques and boots for some time yet but just on the offchance, I felt I must paint my nails. I imagine it’s similar to the same compulsion felt by birds to build a nest. I varnish my fingers mostly nude for the week (low maintenance) or dark red – with occasional forays into navy – in the winter and coral in the summer. But I always feel I can be a bit more outré on my toes. So I have on a shimmery dark teal – the sort of colour you imagine a mermaid’s rail would be. I bought it for my fingers but realised I looked as if I thought I was still 13. On my toes however it looks....faintly subversive. And I rather like that.

But the iridescent quality must be achieved with lead filings or something as, after a virtuous weekend, I had put on 1 ½ lbs this morning. This does not make for a cheery start to the week. Aren't Mondays hard enough without this sort of mindf*ckery? SoD had better sort out its act by Wednesday or no amount of sunshine will be able to lift my mood.


Lesley said...

Grrrr - although I'm already out of boots and opaques (would rather freeze than wear them for a moment longer than necessary) I have not yet got round to doing the toenails! I had better not if you are correct about the lead filings as I too have had a gain on the scales this morning, just in time for WI tonight!! Aaaargh.

I hope the SoD relent in time for your official WI.

Lesley xx

Linz M said...

I'm all set for Summer, just in time for the weather to turn at the weekend!

Fingers crossed SoD are kind to you on Wednesday x

Seren said...

Loving the sound of the shimmery dark teal. Gorgeous. Less so the gain - but courage, mon brave! You've got a couple of days yet, the SoD may yet relent.