Friday, 23 March 2012

Let's face the music and dance

I went to see Singing in the Rain last night. I’m a sucker for an old musical and I still have a sneaking disappointment that in real life people don’t suddenly burst in to song and dance routines. The main male lead was amazing and ‘the number’ made the (very expensive) ticket price worthwhile all on its own.

But it meant I only just got to bed by midnight. Still, I hauled myself up in time to do most of a walk in – I’ve now done the best part of a brisk 3 mile walk 3 times this week so I’m hoping that SoD will acknowledge this on Wednesday.

This week was not as bad as it might have been I guess – ¾lb off. Which, when measured against the shock apparent 2lbs on on Monday, looks less of a disappointment. I’ve been ticked off on the Harcombe diet forum for eating dark chocolate (daily) and having a glass or 2 of red wine (weekly) – it’s weird because I’ve been listening to the Harcombe diet podcasts on my walk in (in itself a feat as my ipod has a stupid touch screen that doesn’t respond) and Ms Harcombe herself doesn’t appear to be as much of a zealot as some of the people on the forum. It almost made me throw in the towel in in the week but I think I’ll just stop using the forum. It was a real disappointment though as I’d been feeling pretty good at how well I’d been sticking to the diet – and the remarks of a couple of people on there made my motivation just drain away (like fake rain on a West End stage...!)

This weekend looks pretty innocuous – I have a dress rehearsal and choir performance on Saturday and I’m working on Sunday. It’s sad that we can’t go to Suffolk and enjoy the glorious weather though. I’ve just got some books of cycle routes for up there; none of them are great because they cover such a huge area (nothing Suffolk specific), but it’s still exciting to think about routes for when we get our bikes.


Lesley said...

Poundage off! Excellent news.

I often find myself performing musical style routines with the dogs either in the privacy of the home or on suitably remote walks!!

Lesley xx

SoupDragon said...

The forums associated with diet plans are often deeply unpleasant places, in my experience. I was hounded off the WeightWatchers one because apparently the fact that ProPoints didn't work for me made me 'a downer'! So not using the forum seems like a very sensible idea.