Friday, 16 March 2012


I woke up today with a migraine. I am resolutely trying to look on the bright side – I’ve not had one for a while – but my head just hurts. I didn’t want any breakfast but I really, really wanted a plain bread roll or pretzel for lunch – there’s just no low-carb equivalent, is there? I had a salad; it did not hit the spot. And I’ve now had a bad headache for 11 hours – although the mental confusion has at least subsided. Or as much as it ever does anyway!

The opposite of the silver lining is that if my latest prescription drugs didn’t work, the next step was an injectible version, gulp. I’m a bit wussy about needles...

We’re back in Suffolk this weekend for the first weekend of the season; I’m hoping the fresh sea air will help get rid of the headache. I’m also hoping that the rain holds off for long enough to allow us to get in the 9 ½ mile walk we fancy on Saturday. Maybe that will persuade SoD to grant me a bit of a whoosh for Wednesday – even a whooshette would be very acceptable. Especially having resisted bread today under severe provocation.

And how unfair is it that yesterday was a beautiful day and Monday and Tuesday are forecast to be beautiful and yet the weekend will apparently be grey and rainy? There seriously ought to be a law against that.

Next week I will be incorporating a 45 minute walk into my morning commute (argh) and may well be trialling mostly egg-white omelette too – thanks for the suggestions ladies.

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