Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Food substitutes

Mercifully this will be a short post.

What do you do to cheer yourself up when you're not eating? If I had the blues BLL (before LL) I would buy a box of 2 eclairs or some chocolate or a nice dinner (or sometimes all of the above) and would nest down at home and feel as if I were spoiling myself a bit. Did it make me feel better? To be honest, it did. I wasn't such a greedy guts that this was a regular occurence and so it felt like a self-indulgent treat. But now, I don't know what to do to cheer myself up. I know that some people would say that I'm showing myself more love by NOT indulging but denial/deprivation doesn't give me the warmth and pleasure that indulgence does. All I can think of is chanting in my head that well-worn quote "this too shall pass". It's not helping. I'm a creature of impulse and impatience - tomorrow always seems at least a day away, and a day too far away at that.

It's the official WI tonight. On my scales I have lost 1lb. Pitiful but definitely deserved. There was the choc snack-attack on Friday, on Saturday night we were at my mum's and I ate a small, carb-free meal (not beating myself up about that, I'm cool with it, just prawns and veggies) and yesterday I nibbled biscuits, cheese and even a few crisps. I'm trying to be grown up, sensible and practical about this - this week is a write-off and next week (as in from tomorrow but I'm starting today) will be starting afresh. I've noticed in myself a tendency to think that once I've had something then I've blown it and might as well continue. I don't want that to translate from one week to the next.

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Mrs said...

Hi Peridot

How are you? Thinking of you and your thought-provoking posts this week.

Please take good care of YOU!

With love

Mrs Lxxxxxxxx