Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Feeling fruity

No, not that! I LOVE fruit (yes, and chocolate but let's think about fruit) and it's something I've really missed on this diet. I am trying to motivate myself by telling myself that if I really knuckle down now, I will be back in the world of food by the time all the delicious soft fruit is in the shops for the summer (nectarines, mmmmm, white nectarines, droool). The fruits I'm missing now that I really like are lychees, mango and rhubarb but they'll all still be there next year, gulp. And actually mango is available pretty much all year round. Other than that, fruit is pretty hopeless at this time of the year - if, like me, you try to go seasonal - so that's one less trap to be lured into.

This is me looking at the bright side which given my grumpy and very hungry state is a bit of an effort. Day 2 is bound to be bad but I'm hanging on to my (negligable) willpower by a thread. I keep thinking, "what can I have as a treat? I need a treat". Then I remember, no treats, nothing. Cup of tea is the best I can do. Of course, reading this I realise that to me, treat=food. Which isn't as true in "normal life" as when I'm on a diet. Forbidden fruit?!

I met my CDC today. I feel quite positive about her. She seems very organised, very enthusiastic and capable. I'm going to go weekly - just for the discipline of getting weighed every week.

I feel freezing - my hands are literally painful - but I can't be in ketosis already can I? Not after only (nearly) 2 days. And not feeling this hungry. Ketosis has never been the magic wand for me that it is for some - I had times of genuine physical hunger on LL (and plenty of emotional!) - but it definitely dulls the hunger and makes it less frequent. Roll on ketosis then (I'll put up with emanating chilly air at my colleagues - I'm like a human air con unit). Must not weaken, must not weaken, must not weaken (repeat to fade.........)

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Conn76 said...

Good on you... Stick with it. Your CDC seems much better than the last one. I think the weekly meetings are definitely a great motivational tool (she says now that she has returned after three weeks!)

Hope you can keep snug and supping that tea!

Good Luck