Friday, 4 May 2012

Happy families

I am fed up with this weather. It’s spoiling my weekends. We want to cycle this weekend – and we probably will – but it’s not the same cycling under lowering clouds. We’ve already had to take shelter during two hailstorms on our previous two rides. It’s about time for some sunshine! Alas, the long-range forecast predicts cool and damp for the next three months. And we’re not going away this year – just a week in Northumberland (probably) after the wedding – as we’re concentrating our funds on next year’s honeymoon.

SoD was unamused by my frugal cake eating activities and scored me a STS; could have been worse I guess.

This week’s not been a great one – brother #2 (he of the Chav-wife) got into one of his legendary strops with me where he bombarded me with furious and nasty emails. I was proud of keeping my cool and remaining reasonable despite extreme provocation but I went home and cried all over P last night. I think the wedding brings it all home even more – I’d read about the wedding of a girl with happy and proud parents and two adoring older brothers. My father is a liability and a complete screw-up who I am no longer in contact with; one brother behaves like a toddler with a tantrum segueing into extreme lofty, moral high-ground (and has the Chav, attached like an unpleasant wart – or other parasite – to him) and the other is distant both physically and emotionally (although he rang me with sympathy and support after the diatribe from brother #2, having been on the receiving end himself). I wept my mascara all over P who was very sweet. He said that I had him and my mum (who I am very close to) and the 3 of us were family; with brother #1 sometimes making a (usually virtual) appearance. I am greedy enough to want more and yet I am satisfied with what I have. I read P a wedding reading I’d found and we agreed it was very pertinent to us – it cheered me up a bit.

This weekend will see us paying a fleeting visit to Suffolk – we go early on Saturday (much earlier than I like to get up at the weekend) and come back Sunday in time for the final Homeland. I’m working Monday, sigh. Still, it’s all money towards those shoes. Oh yes, my pretties, you shall be mine.  Who needs siblings when you can have shoes, eh?

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Seren said...

Weddings bring out the worst in families - even supposedly "functional" ones. It sounds like P responded in exactly the right way. And how exciting about the reading! Choosing the readings was one of my favourite parts of the build up.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend, fingers crossed for sunshine.