Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The future's bright...

...the future’s orange. Clockwork Orange in fact. And by future, I mean now. I had some of those lash extensions put on last week with a Wahanda voucher, to see what they’d be like for the wedding. I thought they were totally OTT but no-one actually noticed so clearly they weren’t. And the effect without having to wear mascara was so pleasing that I actually found myself musing over having them infilled when they needed it – 3-4 weeks, I was told. Except after about 4 days of kid glove treatment, they started to come out and now they’re falling like Autumn leaves – but mostly from my right eye. My left is still adorned with long curly lashes, my right must have lost over half. I look very odd. It’s not a good look, even without the bowler hat.

I would give myself a B for effort in managing my food over the weekend. I turned down more things than I had – I do think I managed moderation. But it wasn’t perfection and so of course I am beating myself up about that (trying not to but I’m acutely aware how long it takes me to lose any weight). This is my full crime list:

• Ice cream (in lieu of lunch on a very hot drive down to Devon. Not sensible)
• Glass of wine
• Decaff latte (am wary of milk so this is a semi-cheat)

Saturday (party)
• 2 glasses of fizz
• 2 glasses of wine (pretty restrained for a
• Pudding – lemon curd Eaton Mess as part of the dinner at the party

• Flat white (caffeine AND milk)
• Cream tea (had promised myself and it was delicious)
• 3 glasses of fizz
• Piece shortbread (no excuse: very bad)

• Piece of toast (the B&B makes their own bread and it’s delicious – I skipped the breakfast I wanted in my defence)
• Pasty (DREADFUL of me but very delicious – midway on a very tough 9 mile hike but really no excuse)
• Ice cream at end of long, tough, hot hike
• Dinner out – I only had 1 glass of fizz and 1 of wine and ordered carb-free starters and mains but had a piece of bread and a small pudding (vanilla pannacotta with 3 pistachio meringues the size of 10ps and some fruit)

• Blueberry pancakes! The only breakfast I ordered that was a) what I wanted and b) utterly, utterly forbidden. And a piece of toast.

It’s not a list of glory is it? But I promise that this was very restrained behaviour. Not least when I had to run to the shops after we got back yesterday, hungry after no lunch and knowing that today I had to get back on the diet. If that’s not a trigger to eat, I don’t know what is. I literally wandered along thinking “I want a Starbucks frappucino, I want a chocolate frozen yoghurt” as I went past the various shops. I didn’t. It nearly killed me.

But of course, Scales of Doom has no interest in what I resisted, it’s a cold, hard, cruel entity. 2 ½ lbs on. Which, okay, doesn’t sound like much – but remember I lose at an average of 1lb a month. And I’m still not back to my pre-Christmas weight.


Seren said...

Love the Clockwork Orange reference - that really made me snigger.

Your sin list is, as far as I can see, fairly restrained and hopefully a few days of cleaner eating will see that off fairly quickly?


Badger said...

I love those lashes. It feels weird at first but it's great not wearing any make-up and you're right in the fact that despite feeling enormous, they are actually quite subtle. No-one really noticed. x