Friday, 11 May 2012

This is my beef

The hand – or perhaps the hoof – of that boeuf bourgignon still casts a shadow over SoD as the unofficial WI revealed that I’d still not lost the mysteriously gained 1/2lb nor any additional blubber this week. Or I’ve put weight on and not gained it for some other utterly inexplicable reason.

The next couple of weeks look pretty blameless. I walked in today, we’re going to squeeze in a couple of hours on the bikes on Saturday and assuming that the monsoon doesn’t re-start, I’ll be back to doing more walking again next week. I have no social events in my diary except a week on Monday when I’m going to the cinema with a friend – a pretty safe night out.

But then. We’ve got a long weekend away the last weekend in May. We’re going to Devon for a friend’s party and then to the really lovely B&B we have been to the last couple of years (and where we got engaged) for a couple of nights. All kinds of peril lurk here.

1) Two nights in an hotel and two in the B&B. The latter of which does amazing blueberry pancakes for breakfast. My plan is to have this one day and stick to non-carby options the rest of the time (sob).

2) Party: I think this should be okay. I don’t drink a lot and that’s where there’s danger here I imgaine. Not sure if they’re planning on feeding us – a buffet is usually pretty carbtastic so could be dicey but I’ll have to handle it. If not eat it.

3) Devon. Land of the clotted cream tea (yes, yes, I know, Cornwall too). I might have to have one.

4) We’re going to dinner at this amazing country house hotel. I’ll choose wisely but I will want to enjoy it.

So how much weight can one breakfast, one cream tea and one dinner put on? On me: a lot I fear, given the impact of one small boeuf bourgignon.

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Lesley said...

I hope the next 2 blameless weeks will more than cushion against a wonderful weekend in Devon. It does seem like a harsh punishment for boeuf bourguignon, which I would consider a "good" choice!!

Lesley xx