Friday, 18 May 2012

Armless 'fun'

Okay, I am mathematically challenged. Or more optimistic than anyone had thought, myself included. And certainly more forgetful than I should be at my age. Either I wrote down my weight incorrectly or I did not in fact lose nearly 2lbs but actually ¾ lb and thus not back down to the pre-cow WI. Very disappointing.

I’m hoping for a more satisfactory result on Wednesday – I’ve managed to do a couple of walks during the week and we’re planning a long hike at the weekend. Then if the weather’s okay, I should manage to walk in a couple of times next week before WI. This is all particularly heroic as I’m massively over-tired at the moment so setting the alarm earlier and (and this is key) actually getting up, is pretty damn impressive.

I tried on the dress last night. P’s first words were “Arms” which he refused to elaborate on, only saying in a rather weaselly way that he knew I didn’t like my arms. But I think he meant my arms didn’t look good (I mentioned it was sleeveless, right?). Of course I could be being paranoid – but that’s not say I’m wrong! He did say he liked the dress. I think to be honest that it was a bit of a shock to both of us as it’s so different to anything I usually wear. But it’s going back. Not because of the arms thing because I think I might get away with that, but because it’s really a cocktail dress and this is a party in a bar – I’d be overdressed. Back to the drawing board. But I’d buy the dress in the sale because – arms aside – it’s actually rather flattering. I think.

Unfortunately I’ve kind of run out of time to produce a party-worthy outfit for next Saturday. Not quite sure from where or when I’m going to magic a new outfit from. I have one lunch hour next week free and no evenings free. Hmmmm.

Thanks for your supportive comments re Evil Boss.  I doubt she'll leave but I'm always hoping.  It's nice of Lesley to fear for her child but personally my fears are all around the fact that the evil has spawned and brought new evil into the world.  Possibly.

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