Thursday, 7 June 2012

Well heeled

I am not extravagent - I just don't have the ego for a start.  As I've said previously, most of my clothes come from ebay and I rarely, if ever, think I look good.  This is not a sob-story - I'm used to it!  Situation normal in fact.  Which doesn't explain how I came to find myself in a VERY expensive shoe studio last night.  I say studio because it was too posh to have a mere shop - you have to make an appointment and then you're ushered up through another shop as if it's contraband. 

Needless to say, this was about wedding shoes.  I'm not good with shoes - the shoes I like inevitably cripple me within mere minutes.  But I'd had a good look around and not found anything even approaching anything I liked for the wedding.  Until I found Emmy shoes online.  I usually spend c£60-80 on a pair of shoes.  I'd go to £120 but I tut over L K Bennett prices.  These are considerably more.  And I know enough to disregard all rhapsodies about comfort as it's such a personal thing - but there are many concerning Emmy shoes and I can't help but be beguiled and hopeful.  Although, comfort is not the primary consideration here - these shoes are SERIOUSLY beautiful. 

I tried different styles, different heel heights (the girl had to catch me when I tried on 9cm heels and hurriedly sat me back down and said she thought we'd better stay away from those.  They go up to 11cm!) and different trims.  I lost my heart many times.  And of course, the pair I finally selected had to be bespoke (an additional charge) to de-silver them - I am the only woman in the world for a strong inclination for gold over silver.  Reader, they are beautiful.  And, they are beautiful now at conception when they are ivory suede but will, I think, be even more beautiful when they are dyed after the wedding; I'm thinking dark green.  They are very 20s/30s t-bars with pearl and bead embellishment, gold heels, a gold buckle and trim - they are as yet just a twinkle in my eye, I won't see the actual shoe until October.  I hope my composition will work - I think so, I love it already.

They are also very high; I swore I wouldn't go over 3" and these are 3.1" and I am precarious in them to say the least.  But I tried the smaller heel on (5cm) and they were, frankly, frumpy.  I don't need any help in that department.  These make my calves and ankles extremely elegant.  And okay, no-one will see that, but I'll know.

So, I need to develop the appropriate musculature for heels.  I've started today and mean to wear heels in the office until I'm sufficiently de-wobbled to make short sorties outside in them.  I've always wanted to be one of those women who can effortlessly wear heels but have always caved at the first onset of pain; now I have to stick with it.  All tips and reassurances on how it's possible to get used to and indeed, comfortable in, heels most gratefully received.

Tomorrow: diet news.


amy said...

Oh, the shoes are beautiful! I looked online. I'm sure you made a beautiful choice. I love the hair accessories -- so much more elegant than a veil.

Seren said...

Ah, heels (nods sagely). I used to live in them - quite literally. I think practice and perserverance is the only way forward, and it is true that you gradually become immune to the pain and start to find that flats feel a bit weird.

Those shoes ARE beautiful, and you've still got plenty of time so I'm sure you'll be fine on the day.


Linz M said...

Oh wow, I have never heard of these shoes but they are gorgeous! I can't cope with heels and I have opted for about 2 inches for my wedding day. This worries me massively!

Will you share photos once you get your shoes? I am shoe obsessed!