Friday, 8 June 2012

Whining wino

I haven’t managed to lose so much of an ounce of the 2 ½ lbs I put on in Devon. Now, on a normal weekend I would only allow myself one glass of wine (whimper) but on the long, cold weekend that was, I had 3 (on 3 days) and 2 flutes of champagne. And 1/3 of a bread roll, a mini fairy cake and a rhubarb syllabub. So I guess I have my answer there. Although I was hoping that a general jettison of carbs would have had some result. You’d think I’d have given up on hope by now!

But although the above is not a tribute to purity of the mind and body, it represents 3x social occasions with friends (1 lunch, 1 dinner and 1 tea) and 2 lovely dinners huddled together to fend off the cold with P. So not too bad. And this weekend I think I can manage (sulkily) to have an alcohol free weekend as P is away whilst I have to work. That also means more salad than average! And my average amount of salad is quite high – we’re talking going from one meal of salad to two a day. So I’m trying not to hope too hard for a good result on Wednesday but reserve the right to be quite stroppy if I don’t get it.

Resisting comfort eating is a challenge at the moment. Not only do I have Queen Dementor to contend with at work, but my long-distance brother has been having another in his series of email rants at me. I’ve turned the other cheek so many times I suspect whiplash, but he’s just spoiling for a fight. How it’s possible to rant at someone being determinedly cheerful and friendly, I don’t know, but he’s been vile and vile and vile. I’ve rather reached the end of my tether with him; I’ve ranted privately but not blurted vitriol online like him and now every time I get another email from him my heart speeds into a canter and I find myself shaking. Can I please get a new, nice family? Even just on loan for the wedding?

I was planning on sorting my wardrobe out this weekend – packing away my winter clothes and getting out my summer stuff but .... brrrr. I am stubbornly refusing to go back to opaques and my legs are looking distinctly mottled and feeling distinctly frozen. Today – dress down Friday – I’m in jeans. They were somewhat damp from the wash when I put them on but still a cosier option than a cotton skirt. But I wish I had a jumper on. So much for summer!

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Lesley said...

I know! Since I've been home the weather has called me to create stews, shepherd's pie, spag bol, and pork chops - comfort food bonanza and not a salad in sight!

I'm hoping to be able to show off my welsh tan sometime before it fades or slides off in the rain....

Keep at it hon - you'll get there when the stress levels normalise.

Lesley xx