Friday, 22 June 2012

Road to nowhere?

I know it’s the definition of stupidity: doing the same thing and expecting a different result. But that’s pretty much the story of me and dieting anyway; I keep on plugging away, hoping for some miraculous sudden change that will allow me to lose a steady 1-2lbs a week. I’ve pretty much tried everything – the only diet that allowed me to lose decent amounts was Lighter Life. Even there I lost under the average and my expert prof reckons I buggered my already sluggish metabolism in the process. So although I’m tempted to do it again before the wedding, I kind of know this isn’t sensible. And the expert doc literally begged me not to. And it’s wretchedly miserable of course.

But I think I need to do something even to give myself the small illusion of being in control. I was thinking of trying the nuclear option and trying running again.

I’ve tried it twice before. Once I did the Zest running programme for the best part of a year. Whilst doing Lighter Life. It made no difference to my weight. Then I tried again with a similar programme (Couch to 5k – much harder than the Zest one) but only stuck it a couple of weeks. I hated it. I SO wanted to enjoy running – to ‘get the bug’. But I hated it. The only thing I enjoyed was the feeling when it was over, knowing I wouldn’t have to go again for 48 hours.

Some people seem to have success running though. I don’t just mean that they enjoy it, but that it makes the weight drop off them too. I’d take either one of those things (although from preference I’d go for the weight dropping off option) but neither happened. And the low-carb brigade have a dim view of vigorous exercise – they’re okay with it from a health perspective but think that it doesn’t aid weight loss and may even hinder it by forcing your body to conserve fat as a reaction for one thing. Also see:

So do I try it? Again? I’ve signed up to do a Bodypump style class on a Thursday lunchtime with a willing colleague and may investigate a lunchtime zumba class (although I hated the one I went to before, but my mother reckons it varies wildly, depending on the instructor). Might this help? Am I clutching at straws?

Diet-wise I have to kick the Flat Whites which had snuck up to 2-3 a week. Not sure that milk helps me. Although caffeine is currently a necessity as I’m not sleeping very well. I also need to watch my dark chocolate consumption which is creeping up with stress, greed and general weak-will-edness. I’m doing well and keeping my fruit consumption to 2 pieces a day (only occasionally 3) – very hard with white nectarines, tulameen raspberries, cherries etc in the shops. And we’re steadily tasting wines for our reception: I only have a glass but I had one last night, and I bet we’ll try another on Sunday night – and maybe on Saturday too.

I’m working on Sunday and have a dress rehearsal and a performance on Saturday (singing). This is not a fun weekend. But on Tuesday there will be CAKE TASTING. Which I long for and fear in roughly equal proportions.


Seren said...

Whatever you decide I hope you enjoy it as well as find it beneficial - that's the key to making an exercise routine stick. I really enjoyed Body Pump and used to do it quite regularly.

And enjoy your cake tasting - you only get one wedding cake after all!


Gabby said...

I don't see how increasing your exercise can do anything but aid your efforts. Body pump in particular is a good idea, since the more muscle you have, the more calories you need, right? I have a friend who swore by weight lifting for her weight loss.