Monday, 30 April 2012

Pants on fire

So, I smugly said on a comment on Seren's blog ( that I had no badness planned; I lied.  Inadvertently, but I did.  Sunday was a wedding cake tasting.  Cake Lady #2 came to our flat - I was working but had cunningly worked out the time I was likely to be not busy.  I was wrong.  So I had to dash off and leave P to talk to her.  But I tried the cake - well, 3 of the 5 as I don't like fruit cake.  It's not a good sign if you don't want to finish your small piece, let alone have a bit more, is it?  The fillings were lovely but the cake was too dry for my taste.  So that's that decision. 

And SoD is unlikely to look kindly on the experience.  Which is rather a shame as I'd lost 1lb last week - even though it was only 6 days since the last WI.  And I'd lost another on an unofficial WI pre-cake.  But, alas, the sudden carbs are likely to mean a less joyful encounter with SoD on Wednesday.  The carbs also caused me to get the shakes most unpleasantly by early afternoon.  All this for disappointing cake!  Still, our actual wedding cake will be worth all the side-effects.

I think my good results on SoD were partly due to an upset stomach I had presumably because of my nerves about Dress Shopping.  So it really is an ill wind, isn't it?!  I would like to lose a stone by November but I think - given my present rate of loss - half a stone is probably the most I can hope for.  The dress can only be improved by less of me to fill it though.

Ah the dress.  I've had a wobble!  The sensation of seeing myself is fading - it seems like a dream.  And I looked it up online where it did not look nice.  To be fair, the clever wedding dress lady had said that it looked nothing online; she was right.  I saw a few real brides in it - it didn't look great on them either.  I am reluctant to believe I could look better in it than other people and it's confusing me.  I'm keeping the faith though.

It certainly has made the rest of the shopping more pleasurable.  Not that I've done any but I've looked.  And the relief of having the dress sorted (ignoring my wobble) means I can enjoy finding shoes, earrings etc  I had bought earrings not long after we got engaged, thinking they'd go with any dress - I was wrong.  And my plans for make up won't work either.  But it's fun to seriously attend to these fripperies now.  In fact, I have found the shoes I want -  but they are eye-wateringly expensive.  But I can have a bespoke height of heel and they're supposed to be very comfortable.  And they are beeeyewtiful.  (can you hear the siren song of justification?!)

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Lesley said...

I'm hoping that your SoD ignore your cake trangressions inthe same way that mine ignored my Sheffield Wednesday blowout. Fingers crossed for you.

How can you not like fruit cake??! Weirdo... ;-)

Lesley xx