Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Cruise control

The second post of the day! An almost unheard of event.

So, I just paid the deposit on the first bit of our honeymoon. Yes, that would be the end of May 2013....

We are going on the Queen Mary II to New York - it's a complete other world. Almost literally from the size of it. It's like the Death Star. But hopefully more fun and with less chance of being throttled. Especially since I leave Lady Vader back in the office.

I practically had a melt down at the level of commitment this required (and yet marriage has no fears: weird) but my terror is definitely tinged with excitement.

Terror reached a new level however when I read about the wardrobe requirements. I begin to wonder what sort of pressure I’m putting myself under. A scruffy, dumpy girl who in the next year now has to find: (apart from 1 x wedding dress) 3 x balldresses, 2 x cocktail dresses and 2 x formal outfits. And accompanying shoes. And that's just for the evenings (breathe).

I have nothing in my wardrobe that will in any way meet these requirements: on the rare occasions we go out to dinner I wear a skirt and t-shirt if it's summer and a skirt and jumper if it's winter (or any season which may purport to be otherwise but is in fact flipping freezing). It's poor but it's all I know. All I can say is "Eeeeeekkkk". In a very high pitched voice and possibly rocking a bit.

And then there are the practicalities. How does one pack a bag which has to contain all of the above PLUS hiking gear for Big Sur and Yosemite? There are no luggage restrictions on the ship but there most certainly will be flying on to California and then home again to the UK. All I can think of is shipping my cruise wear back from New York when I get there but I'm not sure that's even possible/affordable. And assuming that I'm ever that organised that I own this fictional wardrobe in the first place.

I am going to put a paper bag over my mouth to breathe into, right now.


Lesley said...

You make me laugh hon....I'm chuckling at the thought of you fretting about finding 3 evening dresses and the rest. Mind you, it IS ambitious; even I would be fretting a bit!

Dress agencies would seem to be the way to go to avoid the sheer expense and hopefully to find clothes of a good quality. Go to a posh area and scout around.

Also, plug into ALL your girlfriends'/work colleagues' wardrobes. Nobody minds loaning out evening dresses as you generally only wear them a couple of times anyway. I have loaned mine out a few times each.

How very swish - a proper sailing on an Ocean Liner across the Atlantic, not just any old cruise. It sounds wonderful.

So, well done with the lb and a bit off and good luck for your next WI.

Lesley xx

Sarah said...

I couldn't do a cruise, for many reasons, including the dress code issues. There was a piece in the Evening Standard this evening (I think that's about only shopping in charity shops for a year. With £35 Gucci jackets mentioned, I'm sure you can get some tips. Who would know!

Sarah x

Seren said...

What a trip - it's sure to be amazing and, fears aside, it is so rare to get a chance to dress up properly! Charity shops could well be the way forward - especially in posher areas of town. But you've plenty of time so I'm sure everything will work itself out.