Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I gave SoD a stern talking-to this morning before I climbed aboard: I have been nothing short of angelic this week. We had a (painful – my pelvis is... tender) partial off-road 16 mile cycle on Saturday and I’ve walked in three times. I’ve been really vigilant with my food too. I lost 1lb – that’s kind of okay except that I’d put on over 2lbs the preceding week and I was that weight on my informal WI on Friday. And Monday. Surely I should have lost some extra since then? Apparently not. So, I’m still 5lbs heavier than before Christmas, having lost 3.5lbs in 3.5 months. I am a stone and a quarter heavier than my target and just over a stone heavier than my heaviest weight. It’s hard not to feel a bit pulled down by this but pulled down or no, I just need to keep going. And so I will.

It’s been a weird week. I’ve not really recovered from buying the evening dresses and then had my first ever order from ASOS delivered with two dresses I’d had recommended to me. One was a turquoise jersey maxi with a ruched tube bodice and halterneck, then just falling straight to the floor (or, in my case, to the floor and then puddled on it) – it looked terrible. I’d never appreciated how ugly my back was – it looked like an enormous slab of (white) meat. The other was a cream chiffony faux-wrap with balloon sleeves – I like the dress, I love the sleeves, but I suspect it doesn’t suit me. It’s pretty short and my pudgy knees are not really up to the exposure. Am taking it to my mum’s tonight for a second opinion. Rather dispiriting all in all though.

Then last night I had an appointment at Bravissimo for a strapless bra, ready for the Wedding Dress Ordeal. I was not looking forward to it. But I had an AMAZING fitter (ask for Antoinette at the Oxford Circus branch – so helpful, knowledgeable, calm and frank) and walked out having bought 3 bras (and matching knickers because I have a slight ‘issue’ with non matching lingerie) and a basque. It turns out I’ve been wearing the wrong cup size (not sure for how long) and that is why I’ve had an ugly overspill of fat under each arm. Although I’m sure ugly fat has something to do with it too, but apparently it’s boob. It also explains the purple and red bruising I’ve had at the side of my boobs each night. I didn’t buy a strapless in the end but an ivory basque as it gave me a better shape and obviously the extra coverage and pulling in is a very good thing. But it turns out I’m a 34-36FF! That’s....absurd. Actually literally, that sounds like a comedy bosom - especially on someone my height. I’ve been wearing 36D so you can see, dear Reader, the cause of my shock.

And tomorrow we have a cake consultation that will involve some actual eating of cake. Still, weather permitting, I’ll be back – wincing – in the saddle on Saturday and I’m hoping to swim walk to work on Friday and Monday. But WI next week will have to be either Monday or Friday as the only two days SoD and I will be together. Eeek – I’m fearing it already whereas I should be enjoying a few days away from its tyranny!


Linz M said...

A 1lb is still a loss - albeit that does seem quite unfair given the amount of exercise you have done. I feel sore thinking about it. Are your scales playing games with you?

I'm a big fan of ASOS but do find it difficult to envisage how anything will look on me so it's very much trial and error.

Enjoy the cake sampling and try not to stress over those nasty scales!


Badger said...

Bravissimo are amazing although it is rather a shock when one first gets measured. I went from a 38D to a 36FF. They can feel tight at the beginning but now I only wear Bravissimo bra's and bikinis.
My first experience however was not as successful as yours. I was getting fitted for a strapless number for a bridesmaid dress in Brighton and the pancake of a lady told me to 'bend over and shimmy' in the bra to see if it fitted.
I might have felt less embarrassed if she'd have experienced large boobage herself but what kind of flat chested girl askeds a ginormo-boober to shimmy. Ugg.

Re. weightloss - I've recently started a biosignature fatloss programme (with a view to losing weight). Not only did I learn I was doing completely the wrong kind of exercise (all cardio when I should be doing a lot more weight resistance and strength training) but I have lost 4kg, but more importantly gone from 30.9%fat to 24.9%.
Although the weightloss isn't that much (I'm currently 90kgs), the difference in my body shape is big and I can fit into lots of things I couldn't before.
The trainer tweaked the exercise according to where my body stored fat and the fact I produced too much oestrogen. anyway - it's just a thought...


Seren said...

I still reckon a 1lb loss is worth some celebration.

I hate getting bras fitted but must admit I too bit the bullet prior to weddings dress fitting and it does make a difference. Stupid comedy boobs :)