Thursday, 28 July 2011

Of settling and silver linings

When I was on LL if I didn't lose the average of 3.5lbs a week, I was unhappy - and when I put on 1/2lb after a week of flavoured dust, I was distraught. On every other diet, when I've done that thing we all do of working out what I might be able to lose by the summer/ Christmas/ insert occasion of your choice, I worked on the basis of the average of 2lbs a week or half a stone a month. Yesterday, after a stringent, disciplined and careful week I was happy with a loss of 1.5lbs. Because I am NOT average (sadly), but in the lowest quartile. Actually probably pretty near the bottom of that quartile!

So, a quick look at the scores: I am now Porky.6 1/2lbs, I have lost 3.5lbs this month and my batt(l)ing average is 6lbs in 18 weeks.

Yesterday was not a good day. It SHOULD have been, it had every appearance of being - and aren't they the worst ones? Work - we're in our quiet period and it's insanely busy. I've spent the last couple of days trying to persuade people that just because they have a gun, they shouldn't necessarily use it to shoot themselves in the foot. We're talking metaphorically, people. And I'm losing this battle. But last night I gave the stern warning that I and two of my colleagues WOULD BE leaving on time as we were off to see the new Harry Potter film.

As it is, we were running slightly late by the time we got to the cinema and it was heaving. We queued to pick up our tickets - the machine did not recognise my card and the film was sold out. We joined a longer queue to try and sort it out - until my antipodean colleague with typical new world chutzpah found the manager and hoiked us off for him to sort it out. (Which redeemed her slightly from her persistently calling Voldemort "Mr V". She's not read any of the books nor seen any of the films and our colleague had given her Potted Potter 101 that lunchtime. She also refers to the Triwizarding Tournament as "Sports Day", sigh.) The manager printed our tickets and we shot into the cinema where the film had started - only to find people in our seats. I went off to summons a member of staff - who pointed out that our tickets were for Monday. Yes, I had tickets for the past. I can only think that the website defaulted back to the day I was on it after a delay in placing our order as I know I had selected the right day. Of course I had to reimburse my colleagues so I was £32 down and STILL hadn't seen the film. This was hot on the heels of a similarly expensive error where I had booked a hotel at the wrong Portland Airport in the States (really, WHY would you have two? Isn't that just asking for trouble? Yes, even if they're on opposite sides of a large country). We have a non-refundable room in Oregon when we need to be in Maine.

Then I had a stupid quarrel with bf because I was so upset that I was playing the doormat-martyer. I didn't want to confess my stupidity to him because he was decidedly not impressed with the hotel mix up, but luckily he found it mildly amusing and has given me half the bill for a lunch I swankily treated him to that day as a contribution to my black hole and volunteered to see HP with me himself (he's strangely indifferent).

Anyway I was so upset at my stupidity and at the quarrel that I didn't have anything to eat last night. Not even when my colleague tried to buy me wine or juice (I stuck to water) and I even rejected a chocolate bar she bought me as a pity-offering! She said I "needed to learn to comfort eat"; I really, really don't!

Today a sneaky unoffical WI (well, wouldn't you?!) said I'd lost 1lb from yesterday - but I know it's not a real reading and am not getting carried away. Promise.


amy said...

Maybe you can try to sell the extra room on craig's list or ebay.

Seren said...

Well done! 1.5lbs is a brilliant loss.

I had to smile (albeit ruefully) at the hotel booking - that sounds like EXACTLY the kind of thing I would do.

Have a lovely weekend - and hopefully that unofficial weigh in heralds more good scale news next week.


Lesley said...

Aaaargh! How exceedingly frustrating. I feel your pain in a very real way as I came out of the cinema last Friday to find an £80 parking ticket for parking in a spot which I've done for years and seen people parked in every time I go to the cinema. Friend gave me £20 towards it but I picked the space....grrrrr

A massive well done on the 1.5 off!!!

Lesley xx

PS. I didnt think the latest HP was up to much.....