Wednesday, 6 July 2011

From my mouth to SoD's ear

I felt the Readybrek glow of smugness when on Sunday I turned my back resolutely on having a hotdog for supper (made at home I hasten to add) in favour of a rather lacklustre omelette, having discovered that a single hotdog was going to be 17.5 syns – eek! Mentally I pointed out my virtue to SoD in meaningful tones.

Actually I had all my syns this week which made me nervous. And I was right – it seems that SoD is actually deaf in at least one ear. I have lost ½ lb. Now, I wouldn’t mind if I consistently lost ½ lb because that would be 2lbs a month, which whilst pitiful, is progress of a kind. But it doesn’t work that way; sometimes I put a bit on, sometimes I stay the same, sometimes I lose a bit but the net result is not impressive. I have just totted it up and I have lost a grand total of 4lbs in FIFTEEN weeks. Yes, you read that right. I am too depressed- and too mathematically challenged - to work out my weekly average from this but it’s less than ¼ lb. What to do? I just don’t know. I’m hoping that some sort of inspiration – divine or otherwise – will strike – ideally before I reach the point of hysteria, panic and devastation.

To distract me from impending feelings of doom, I have been thinking about our holiday to New England and New York (I thought I better write it in full as I appalled a US friend by referring to 'New Hants' - for speed, people - she was audibly shocked). I’ve booked our flights which scared me rigid as that was the moment of commitment; I am still not sure we should be spending (so much) money on this but I am also excited. I have been pouring over reviews on Trip Advisor and trying not to choose B&Bs on the basis of ones that serve free cookies in the afternoon. Is this what is meant by Land of the Free? God bless America, indeed.


claire said...

I say you need to relax a little. I think you should eat all your syns this week and fully enjoy them. You always lose when you do this - even when you go over. Try it - relax, enjoy it (controversial!) - can't hurt, can it?

Lesley said...

Yeah, can't hurt to try the syns thing.

But the other thing to do is not to oput your life on hold during this battle with your weight. You seem, weight and work issues apart, to be really happy and have so much going for you. Make sure to keep that in mind and remember that being happy is the main thing with weight being one of the routes to achieving that, not a goal in itself.

Your American trip sounds very exciting and I will be very jealous!!

Lesley xx