Friday, 1 July 2011

Dr Beat(en)

Another week, another WI, another disappointment. I put on 1/2lb; I realise this isn't exactly earthshattering but the fact is it's moving in the wrong direction - albeit at snail pace. Unfortunately when I DO manage a loss it's at a similarly unspectacular rate so I can't even take comfort there.

It's particularly tough at the moment as work is unrelentingly hellish and machiavellian and the urge to comfort eat is almost overwhelming. Results like this week's WI encourage insidious thoughts of 'oh well, I may as well eat what I like then'. I have kept a grip on this but I have to say it's been the toughest yet.

I'm on call tonight so bf has gone down to Suffolk without me - I'm going when I clock off tomorrow. It means I won't get there until lunchtime so no long walks this weekend. I have to say that, much as I love walking, I'm not convinced that it actually has much bearing on actual weight loss (just as well I love it anyway!).

Which reminds me, I made my trip to the GP to try and get back in the (bike) saddle. He explained that it wasn't anything to do with the bones (no news to me) and that although it was likely to be soft tissue damage they wouldn't give me an MRI scan unless it reached the point I couldn't walk. I managed not to say that that would make getting to my bike quite tricky.
"Cycling, he told me solemnly, "is very good exercise."
"Great" I said patiently "I know, that's why I'm trying to sort out my knee".
"What" he said imploringly "do you want me to DO?"
Reader, it took a great effort of will not to roll my eyes or say anything too sarcastic:
"I'd like you to make it better" I said politely and pleasantly.
We compromised on a physio referral.

Then he said he had to take my blood pressure and weigh me. I could feel my blood pressure soaring as a result. I told him he was welcome to take my blood pressure but he was not weighing me. He asked why. I explained that when I had asked for help with my weight they had been very unhelpful and although they had referred me to a specialist, they had then refused to diagnose the drugs he had recommended. I said that since they weren't prepared to help me I thought it was best that we didn't engage on that issue at all.

I dread to think what what they wrote on my file!


Seren said...

How very frustrating. Both the WI result and the less than incredibly helpful doc. Am I right in thinking you had a big loss a few weeks ago? Do you have a food diary from that week to look at so you can see if you did anything different food and exercisewise?

Enjoy the nice bit of your weekend in any case. At least this sunshine is lovely for walking.


Miss Spoon said...

I think you dealt with the GP very well. Sometimes you have to take thngs into your own hands and demand stuff outright with the, Hopefully the physio will be more engaged and get you back on your bike!

Miss Spoon said...

and I meant them not the, grrrr! :-D

Call Me Ishmael said...

oh, I like that line about it being best "not to engage" on this issue. I am SO stealing that! Good for you Peridot! I am bitter and all, but I've found many many doctors to be the most bullying creatures over weight, not helpful, just bullying! I recently went in for a check up to a new primary care doc, who helpfully handed me a note as I left that said "even a 5 percent reduction in your weight would have significant health benefits." Really? Thanks for telling me Doc. I had NO FREAKING IDEA losing weight would help my health.

OK, rant over. You story hit a nerve, Peridot! Hope you had a good weekend.