Monday, 27 June 2011

My big fat t'riffically super US holiday

And therein lies the dilemma.

So, I was confined to barracks yesterday as I was on call (missing what seems to have been summer). We took advantage of this enforced captivity to try and scope out a route and cost out a holiday in October in New England.

I’m very excited about hiking and moose (moose! Oooh, I’d love to see a moose). Although I have to say that Lonely Planet describes hiking trails of a mile or thereabouts – that’s not a hike, it's not even a stroll, at best it’s a pootle. But I’m also pretty excited about food – pancakes and lobster primarily but not exclusively. And not together I hasten to add. Although what are home fries? They sound nice. And what is fish fry? That does not.

But I don’t want to come home a stone heavier and this will be my first time in the USA where I hear that portions are gargantuan. I don’t think a mile “hike” will cut it in terms of combating increased calories. I will have to get some tactics in place if we go – even bf is worried about this. At the moment we’re freaking out about the cost – so it’s by no means a certainty. Our plan so far is to fly into and out of JFK, drive up to North Conway, then up to Bar Harbor and then fly back to NY – all in about a fortnight. Anyone who has any advice on this please chip in. Or should that be French fry in.

Actually I’m going to have to guard against my propensity of turning into a Noel Coward character whenever I’m faced with an American accent. When I had to deal with our US office in a previous job I KNOW they had me on speaker phone, agog at my accent (which is very standard home counties, nothing special or ‘posh’) and it made me say things like “Crikey” and “Super”. I had to literally stop myself saying “Top hole” once. These are words that never normally pass my lips.


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Ooh Peridot, your vacation sounds like a great plan. That whole area is gorgeous in the fall!

I hope you only see moose from far away - they're known to charge people if they get too close!

Yes, the portions are massive in most restaurants (although the finer the restaurant, the smaller the food becomes)...but a "doggie bag" is an acceptable thing to ask for, too.

Have fun planning your trip!

Seren said...

I am a greedy girl, but even I found the portions in a lot of American venues...challenging. But there are ways round it - I mean, very often one portion will do two people so you can share. You just have to agree your strategy in advance. Oh, and they are much more used to people ordering off menu over there (or so it struck me) so you can always get your dressing on the side and such things.


Call Me Ishmael said...

Peridot, this is very exciting! Hope you can make the trip, New England in the fall is beyond beautiful. I grew up in Jackson, NH, which is right next to North Conway, NH, which is to say that I have first-hand experience with moose! At the the right time of year, moose abound. There are also many many hikes well over a mile, especially in the White Mountain Valley. A super-duper amazing trek is up Mt. Washington, and you can book into cabins they have there (or you can rough it outside in a sleeping bag, I think). The cabins are named something like...Cabins in the Clouds, if memory serves (and if they still exist). I did it in Grammar School, so..quite a few years ago. Fantastic trip. You can also drive a car up Mt. Washington, or take a very sooooty rail train. Either are great, but staying the night up there is marvelous. E-mail me off list if you want some great local places Yes, portions will be HUGE. BF and I usually split an entree, esp if we are ordering an appetizer. Also, it's perfectly acceptable in most US restaurants to ask for an appetizer to come as your main meal. Our appetizers, especially in hearty New England hangouts, are often big enough to be a full meal. Really hope the trip comes off for you!

Miss Spoon said...

Top hole? How about throwing in a couple of "wizard"'s? You never know it may get you discounts in American shops!
There's nothing wrong with performing for an audience!