Monday, 6 June 2011

There may be trouble ahead..

I have been a very sensible chubster over the weekend. And most importantly I was calm. I made my choices, I counted the syns and I practised moderation and conscious choice. And I had dinner out (and okay, I didn't choose what I would have done and I left bits (like avocado) that were not SW friendly but it was still a lovely evening) and some cake that a work colleague's fiancee made me to thank me for doing some calligraphy for their wedding (bf is now worryingly keen to pimp me out for any tasks they might need doing that would result in payment by cake).

I would like very much to reap my just rewards on SoD on Wednesday but I will be away for work up very, very North. And whilst I'm not claiming they don't have scales north of Watford (because that would clearly lead to the vast proportion of the female race instantly upping sticks and decamping en masse), it's pointless being faithless to SoD - it's just confusing and insincere with a clay idol. And my rewards are by no means certain in any case, let's not delude ourselves.

Being away from home is likely to be tricky I think. I'm reasonably happy that I can find something to eat in my room when I arrive at 9pm tomorrow (surely? Hmm, best check it out I guess) and I'm going to buy fruit and a yoghurt to take for breakfast on Wednesday but after that it may go somewhat awry until I get back to London on Wednesday night. And it's the unpredictability that makes me nervous.

Then on Thursday evening my mum and I are going to the tinhut for a long weekend. We will be going out to dinner on Saturday and she is set on making blueberry pancakes for breakfast one day - but I've negotiated for fruit and yoghurt on the other two days. She's bringing a slice each of rhubarb and white chocolate cake (but I'm going to try and sneak most of mine to the - probably highly co-operative - labradors. I don't like white chocolate - although I do like rhubarb. And cake, obv.). She's seeing this as a weekend away and although she's both minute AND on a diet, is clearly planning a more indulgent time than I'm really comfortable with. Still, I have two 3hours+ train journeys to work out a plan and a strategy.

So really my next WI is not until Wednesday next. It's scary.

And finally: whilst there's music and laughter and love and romance, let's face the music and dance (I won't dance; don't ask me, I won't dance; don't ask me...)


starfish264 said...

Oh my good lord - rhubarb and white chocolate cake sounds like my absolute idea of heaven!! Please, please, please could you persuade her to part with the recipe??? Pretty please???

Other than that, it sounds like you have iron will and discipline going on at the moment - very well done (in a totally non-patronising way)! I may have to take a leaf out of your book the next couple of days. x

Seren said...

I agree with Starfish - your will is definitely made of iron.

I completely understand your trepidation - working away from home can make planning difficult, but on the other hand, it does sometimes remove certain temptations, so with some contingency planning you should be fine.

Oh, and forget about the Labradors, you're very welcome to pass the rhubarb and white chocolate cake in this direction.... :)