Monday, 25 July 2011

Cause and effect

I have had a week of unparalleled virtue. I am a little precipitous because tomorrow is actually the final day of the week but having resisted very nice French biscuits today (and nice Italian ones last week) I feel I will acquit myself with honour (and syns) well intact.

So I should be looking forward to my encounter with SoD with keen anticipation - if not pleasure. Maybe pleasure's going too far.... But I don't have any faith that effort in will result in scales dropping and ballast melting away. It really ought to but somehow it never seems to be that simple. If it were I think that mentally at least, dieting would be a lot easier than it seems to be.

A couple of sneaky illicit WIs showed my weight rising slightly (WTF?) and then dropping slightly - but nothing under what I weighed as last week. Well, 2 days will have passed until the Official WI so my body needs to hurry up and come up with the goods.

For goodness sake.


Seren said...

Fingers and toes crossed for you. And I think anyone who has dieted for any length of time would agree with you that there is no sort straight line proportionality between efforts and weight loss. Bodies are curious things. But you must definitely be due a whopping great drop soon.


Lesley said...

I'm impressed. I'm just aiming for virtue myself, unparalleled being too high a bar but do you get marks for trying??

Good luck with the wretched SoD. My fingers are crossing for you.

Lesley xx