Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A (non) blonde moment or two

So, since booking cinema tickets for the wrong day and a hotel in the wrong state, I have left my purse up in Suffolk and left the fridge door at home open. All day. There are better ways of cooling the flat. There are probably other things I’ve done but mercifully I’ve forgotten those already. Bf’s ominously making parallels with people getting early onset dementia but I’m trying to keep a grip on my hypochondria over this. I do have blonde genes and I prefer to blame it on this – just haven’t got the accompanying winsomeness to make it all seem cute. Ever seen a winsome redhead? Exactly.

We had a lovely weekend – two amazing walks, one of which was entirely devised by bf slaving over a hot OS map. They weren’t long walks but we were short on time and they were great. On the Sunday walk we found a tree groaning under the weight of bullaces (wild plums) so harvested a few pocketfuls of those. The weather on Sunday was amazing so we delayed our journey back to London until later on – it felt like a much longer weekend although meant for a late night.

Bf and I went to see Harry Potter last night. Actually, although I’m still not happy about losing £30, I’m really glad that I saw it with him (first) as I have done with all the others. Yes, he’s not a fan but I’m still glad it’s him sitting next to me in the dark as I got choked with emotion before the battle scene (as indeed I did when reading it). And just to add insult to injury, he had to pay for us both to go (see: left purse in Suffolk)! He was amazing about it – even going to the cinema on his way home to ensure we got tickets (he won’t book online), then going home and getting the car so we could drive home afterwards.

I have had another good week with syns – I have plenty in the bank – although I did have bread twice. Once was my healthy extra (wholemeal sliced) and once was synned – a white roll with some butter which I really, really fancied and enjoyed every bite of. I am suspicious that bread has a negative impact on my weight; SoD will soon tell me tomorrow.

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Seren said...

I got very sniffly round about the point when Harry goes off to the Forbidden Forest...

I wouldn't worry about early onset dementia quite yet! I promise you, you are not alone in having frequent blonde moments (and this from a very non winsome looking brunette).