Thursday, 25 August 2011

Woulda, coulda, shoulda

The maintaining a steely discipline dissolved at the point at which work became so unbearable that I had to eat my way through it. It sounds worse than it has been (in terms of calorie ingestion – it’s not been a total throwing in of the dieting towel) but at the same time, it’s not what I’d intended. I know, I know, the road to hell is paved in good intentions.

I will not allow myself to collapse entirely though. This week I didn’t lose so much as an ounce (despite coming in under syns) so I really can’t embrace the evils of booze, sugar, flour and fat with anything like the gusto that I’d ideally like. I’m having the rest of the week off (hell, it’s going to be more like the week) but it’s going to be mindful. Apart from the biscuits I ate today in blind panic and misery. But that’s the end of that behaviour. Scout’s honour.

I will actually miss my next WI – or rather it will be delayed a day as we’re not back until Wednesday so WI and next possible computer encounter will be next Thursday. A day of pain for me I foresee. Have a lovely bank holiday weekend (organised in honour of my birthday donchaknow) – when I next write I will be older. All tips for getting rid of crepiness under the eyes most gratefully received.


Lesley said...

Rubbish work stress is just rubbish!! But put it behind you and have a brilliant weekend!!! Enjoy and be mindful.

And lots of walks....sounds great.

Lesley xx

Badger said...

Cucumber, that l'oreal caffeine roll on thing, copious amounts of protect and perfect and lots of water...

Sorry to hear about work xx