Friday, 12 August 2011

Tough love

I will have to be very strict with myself. I have 2 days off work and so we’re going down to Suffolk for a long weekend. I do not want to fall into holiday mode and off the wagon, syns will have to be counted and severely rationed as ever. I’ve done pretty well this week so far – with 2 cinema visits and 2 wistful looks at pick and mix, specifically the fizzy cherry bottles and blue bottles (that sounds disgusting, not the flies but these: mmmm) but no actual sampling.

And let’s face it, after a strict week (I had 67.5 syns out of an allotted 105), I STILL only lost ¾ lb so I really can’t afford to have too much fun! This brings my results up to:

• Current weight - Porky.5 ½
• Number of weeks on SW - 20
• Total weight lost on SW – 7lbs
• Total weight lost in last month – 5lbs
• Number of weeks to holiday – 7 ½ weeks (although expecting bday blip in a fortnight)

I’d like to get down to the next stone bracket before I go away but I suspect that even if I scrape in to Plump (as I think I’ll call it. Was to be Chubby but I think Plump is a fatter term and thus more appropriate), I’ll ping back whilst I’m away. I do think that psychologically it will be easier to restrain myself if I’m a few lbs into Plump than if I’m still Porky or only fractionally into Plump.

See you the other side of the next WI, gulp!


Lesley said...

Yep....gotta be strict I'm afraid. You can do it and still have nice food. We can do it in fact - I've got that Friday feeling but am womanfully resisting wine and other goodies.

Have a great long weekend and say hi to bf from me.
Lesley xx

Miss Spoon said...

Have a lovely holiday and well done on the loss!