Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Let them eat steak

Someone, somewhere commissioned research into the weight we put on on holiday and it got quite a bit of pick up in the UK media last week. Guess what the top destination is in terms of piling on the lbs? Yep, the US. Where bf and I are off to in 8 weeks. Bf told me he’d read this last week and, frozen with fear, I asked the dreaded question “how much?”; the average weight gain after a fortnight in the US is....8lbs.

Well, 8lbs doesn’t sound too bad. I reckon I put on that much on a walking weekend away in Devon in May. No, I fear 8lbs would be a good result for me. Which when you consider that it will take me at least 2 ½ months to lose 8lbs, I should be a lot more scared. And 8lbs is the average – I am always in the most extreme quartile of these things – yes, someone is staying slim at my expense. And if I find her, harsh words will be spoken.

What will save me? Well, I probably can’t be saved, given my appalling metabolism, but I don’t drink a great deal (sadly) and that will help. I’m hoping that sharing portions with bf will also help. But at the end of the holiday, I expect to have put on weight and I’m going to have to deal with that. Without using it as an excuse as a free-for-all before, during and after the trip.

I suspect a similar lapse over BH weekend. It’s my birthday so I’ll probably have a little more to drink and allow myself to eat some things I rarely allow myself to have. I will be having 2 cupcakes (not at once and in lieu of a birthday cake), for instance. Bf has nobly agreed to go on a pilgrimage to this place (apologies for evil DM link):

I have wanted to go here for ages and so on Friday mid-late morning he will meet me here for a cupcake of my choice (and one to take away). I was planning on a pancake breakfast on my birthday but the place that did them has changed hands and they don’t do them anymore. But other than that, I will choose what I’d like at dinner on my birthday rather than what seems the lowest calorie/fat choice and not be quite so uptight but I’m not planning on using it as an excuse to eat anything I have fancied, do fancy or conceivably might fancy at some point in the next year. For instance, I’ve asked bf to griddle me a steak for dinner one night – no-one cooks a meaner steak than him and it ticks all the SW boxes too.


Lesley said...

Slimming World - I'm your SW biddy now!!

I like the look of this new plan with the third of a plate being veggies. Tried it out today and going well so far - altho working frmo home makes planning easy.

I reckon that I'm going to have to cut certain items OUT altogether and suspect pancakes and cupcakes will be on that list, more's the pity.

America will be bril - do lots of walking, drink lots of water and fill up on the salads.

Lesley xx

Lesley said...


I meant buddy of course...