Friday, 5 August 2011

What's up doc?

I am fresh out of excuses. Every week I stand on SoD and unless I have lost weight (alas, a rare event) I come up with something: ‘my period’s due’, ‘it’s hot and maybe I’m retaining water’, ‘I’m achy so maybe I’m retaining water’ etc etc. But it can’t always be true. I thought I had had a good week – not as stellar as last week but pretty damn good: I lost ¼ lb. I hoped that it was an anomalous reading but I’ve been on SoD each day since then and been told that I put on ½lb since then (which obv I’m not counting as it is unofficial and therefore not true, la la la).

And I am a carrot girl, through and through. The stick doesn’t work on me; I put a bit of weight on and my natural inclination is to think ‘sod it’. I really need the carrot. I have to give myself a pat on the back here and say I do not give in to it (at work I’ve resisted this week: doughnuts, cocktails and ice cream (and I’m tortured by a Magnum ad I saw at the cinema where the model bit through the chocolate coating with the most seductive thunk of cracking chocolate)) but it makes everything a bit harder.

On those lovely blue moon occasions where I’ve lost a reasonable amount (let’s say somewhere around (or just below) the 2lb mark) my heart lightens as my poundage drops and I am able to skip through the week without the same cares and temptations.

This week I’m plodding.


starfish264 said...

Look to your left - I'm right there plodding with you at the moment, and as frustrated as hell. The only thing I can remind myself when I waver towardst the sod it moments, is the damage I would have done had I said sod it yesterday, the day before or sometime last week.

Cold comfort, I know, but you're certainly not on your own. xx

Lesley said...

But you're plodding mindfully. This is good. I'm eating on autopilot which is bad. Keep it up hon. You are getting there, just slowly.

Lesley xx

Seren said...

But even plodding will get you there. It's so frustrating, and I think all the people who read your blog share my frustration because you seem to get so little reward for your efforts, but any progress, however small it is, however slow it is, is a good thing. It is forward not backwards. Remember the tortoise and the hare (she said, and then realised she had entered serious cliche territory and retreated).