Friday, 5 November 2010

The weekend starts here. Nearly

It’s all a bit much to be honest. Work’s unbelievable at the moment (and not in a good way) and the office is heated to just under boiling point which makes me feel as if I’m in a panic even when I am not. The urge to soothe myself with chocolate is unbearable. This vies with the urge to not bother with WW since it’s all about to change anyway and I don’t know what’s going on. I’m hanging in there - by the skin of my teeth - as I really would like to see the scales move down for me on Tuesday. But I haven’t been counting fruit in anticipation of the new “Propoints” (sounds like toothpaste/mouthwash to me) – rather naughty but in the scale of personal struggle this week, I’m not berating myself too hard. Today I have had (in terms of fruit) 90g of blueberries in my morning porridge, 2 satsumas, an apple, 550g watermelon and I may have something later. For me, this is not a lot of fruit but I suspend belief that this will lead to weight loss. Nice if it’s true though.

This weekend we’re off to Suffolk and bf’s sweet but slightly odd friend is coming tomorrow so that he can see the fireworks with us on Saturday night. We’re meeting him for brunch on Saturday morning (grilled bacon sarnie with mushrooms for me) and in the evening (post fireworks) we’re having hot dogs but with Ginger Pig sausages. Just one for me (sadly) and then a brownie (they’re having ice cream with theirs but not - alas - for me) – all pointed and correct. I’ll need a snack in between brunch and supper though but no inspiration there as yet. We’ll be doing a reasonable walk on Saturday too. No idea about Sunday and I’m too tired to either come up with a plan or worry that I don’t have one!

Hope your weekend is full of all the bangs and whizzes, oohs and ahs that your heart desires.

PS Sorry for getting you on to Big Purple Ones Seren; you will simultaneously thank and curse me.


Seren said...

Enjoy your pigfest of a weekend! And fingers crossed that the scales are kind on Tuesday. Have you named them yet? Or still holding off until their true nature is revealed?


Becca said...

Ugh, sorry you're having a crappy time. Hope the weekend has been good!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Peridot, I'm so impressed that you had your meals all pre-planned before you went. If you are doing that, you haven't thrown caution to the wind...very strong of you.

Now I have to Google "satsuma"...please excuse my ignorance!

How are you doing without Beth? Will bf become your dancing partner now?