Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Chasing Chubby (come back!)

You may have noticed radio silence from me - a week without posting is unsual for me. And remiss. I have been stupidly busy at work and morale is very low which is sapping. And I've been trying to get my head around these WW propoints; now, I would not say I was a stupid woman and yet it seems utterly random whether I have points to play with or whether I squeak in. I have no idea when I need to buy a quick lunch or choose something for supper whether my choices will gain pp approval or not. It's a complete mystery to me.

Sneakily I weighed myself after 3 days and had lost 1.5lbs, taking me to Tubby.6 3/4. Well, I thought, if I carry on like that, I'll get a pleasing loss on WI. I can cope with the uncertainty and the confusion and the upheaval if I get a good loss. This morning was WI: SoS tells me with disapassionate precision that I have put on 1lb. And not since the sneaky WI but over the week - so you could say since interim WI I have put on nearly 3lbs! HOW? WHY? I used my points but only half of my weekly bonus allocation, I used none of my exercise points, I ate fruit judiciously rather than like a crazy woman. I never eat bananas because they're foul so it's not even the fruit formerly known as pointy. I am not happy. I'm giving it a month and then... well, not quite sure actually but it will certainly involve sulking and even an adult temper trantrum. Scales of Severity may be re-christened as Scales of Doom II at this rate.

Chubby by Christmas is looking more and more like a pipe dream: I am currently Tubby.9. I wanted to be c.Chubby.10 to allow for a couple (ha!) of lbs on over Christmas. It's only about 5 weeks to go! I think Christmas 2010 will be spent as a Tubster.

Right, off for my dinner of lean ham and ratatouille. Sulk.


Linz M said...

Hmmm, I can't see how you have put on that much, it must be a random mid week reading or something.

I've struggled with the quick lunch and best options as well, but I've definitely been eating a lot more fruit and veg. I'm not sure if it's Pro Points which led to my loss or the fact that I've actually refocused.

I'd definitely say give it a while longer.

Chin up lady xx

Seren said...

Oh boo to the Scales of Severity. A similar thing happened to me actually - mid week I had clocked up a 3lb loss and was convinced I was in for a bumper WI day but ended up with a 2lb loss overall - so a gain from midweek.

Did you have all your "extra" points in one foul swoop? I'm thinking it might be more advisable to spread them throughout the week rather than drinking 40 points worth of cider and rose wine (I'm a classy bird!) on one evening.

But, as Linz said, chin up. You may yet hit your Christmas goal.


claire said...

Hello again (I'm Claire introduced myself on a previous comment :D).

I would say that if a diet makes you miserable, then that is a bad sign for long term weight loss. I am 2.5 stones through a 6 stone weight loss and it is going to take a long time. I can't be miserable and still manage it. Try it for another week, but don't lose heart. There are other ways to lose weight.

Maybe try Slimming World if you get sick of all the counting? That's what I do. I sound like a mad evangalist but I find it much easier than calorie (or point) counting. Also I'm greedy and I like to eat a lot so I'm in love with all the free food.