Monday, 22 November 2010

Still struggling (shouldn't that burn fat in itself?)

Well, I had a great weekend but have used ALL my 49 bonus points and some exercise points too (still have 25 in the bank) by going WAY over on Saturday and Sunday. Although I know this is ‘allowed’ I still feel very anxious about it.

Saturday: I had 3 glasses of wine and a glass of champagne and a pudding. Yesterday I had some of those supermarket (Waitrose) canapés. I’m utterly addicted to these; I love all small food (dim sum, tapas etc) and we often have these festive nibbles in lieu of supper in December. We had mini cheeseburgers, mini welsh rarebits, mini scones with ham and mini sausage pinches (like a posh sausage roll with less pastry). This cost me a staggering 33 ppoints! And that’s eating less than half. Of course, the nicest things were the ham scones which were also the pointiest. I find this depressing.

I do struggle not to want festive goodies. Well, in actual fact I DO want festive goodies but I struggle not to actually eat them. We have more canapés in the freezer in Suffolk for Friday night when I get there super late (my boss won’t let me leave an hour early which means that I won’t get there until 9.30pm because of gaps in the trains) and I’m already afraid of eating them. I’m also panicking about meeting a friend for supper tomorrow night – we’re going to Prezzo and they have low cal options, but who knows if they’re pp friendly? Not me. Not the eating out guide. But these are my only foreseeable pitfalls for next week. Saturday night: we’ve already bought venison to have with celeriac puree and veg (maybe red cabbage..) and a glass of wine would be nice.

Even more depressing is that, although I’m still within the rules, I reckon I won’t have lost any weight again this week. Some sneaky peeking leads me to this conclusion. I didn’t use all my bonus points last week and put on, remember. Watch this space tomorrow....


Seren said...

Another nibble fan over here. They do tend to rack up the point though. I always try to include some seafoody bits and pieces - smoked salmon and prawns are much lower in points but still feel luxurious.

Now I've just remembered the old joke about the see-food diet and made myself smirk!

No point worrying about your WI until it actually comes around - sneaky peeks never tell the whole story. Hopefully it will be fine.


Lexie said...

Fingers crossed for your weigh in hun.

I'm also a fellow nibbler I'm afraid. The saying must be true though, good things come in small packages. Well in this case tasty,pp heavy packages!

Lex x