Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Ginge-binge ahoy

I lost 1lb since last week. When, you may recall, I had put on 1lb. So my net loss since starting Propoints is a big fat zero. This, combined with a miserable and stressful time at work, is really making me want to have a chocolate ginge-binge. The ginge is me, not some new and esoteric type of chocolate. Although there is a ginger Green & Blacks – but I don’t like stem ginger (yes, fully alive to the irony of this). Although - again - I am in black today (my best Duracell impression) as it was my choir performance at lunchtime and we are Choir of Death (all in black). It was fine when we sang the Requiem but less so when we're carolling. Today was American jazz and spirituals.

Pushing me further in the sinful direction of a ginge-binge is the fact that I’m meeting a friend tonight for supper in Prezzo – and I have no idea of what the pps might be/could be. I’m going to order, from their low calorie menu, a pasta dish with vegetable sauce (a previous WW winner) – but who knows if it’s a pp wise choice? Having made what seemed to be an utterly blameless Nicoise salad the other day which came to a staggering 11 pps, I’m still confuddled by the whole system.

I agree that 1lb off is the right direction (before you all yell it at me!) but it still seems woefully inadequate, especially given my wholly undeserved gain previously (“Previously on this blog” – as narrated by Jack Bauer). People are getting very snippy on the WW boards with anyone who may be perceived as criticising the new system – all very cult-like! As ever, I’m happy to believe but I need the proof! I’ll accept a sudden lurch taking me to kissing distance from Chubby.


Seren said...

Hmmmm, I'm not going to shout at you, but a pound is a decent amount to lose. I can see why, on the heels of a gain it would be frustrating though.

I haven't had a major problem fitting in most of my previous standard meals into pro points, but then I have adopted a policy of eating nothing but fruit before noon in order to free up points for the latter half of the day, which seems to suit me because I never want to eat that much in the morning anyway.

One thought I had was, have you considered moving your WI day? It's logical to think that if you're using your extra points (and especially if you're using them on richer foods and/or alcohol) at the weekend, any residual gain - fluid or otherwise might still be hanging around on Tuesday so you may not be getting a true picture. Of course, I could be talking absolute nonsense because, as I have demonstrated, on many an occasion, weight loss is hardly my forte!


Becca said...

The thing to remember is that you're moving forward - it may be frustrating, but you've learnt something.

Seren has a point - WI day can make a big difference. Friday weigh-ins mean you can relax a bit over the weekend, while Mondays can help you stay disciplined if you have a tendency to splurge at weekends. Have a play around, see what works.

SoupDragon said...

Hi Peridot, Ex-Yo-Yo Debbie pointed me in your direction.

I have really struggled with ProPoints - I've put on 2.5lb so far. And I totally agree about the cult-like atmosphere on the WW message boards. It's good to know that I am not the only one it's not working for.