Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Feeling fruity

I give you... Scales of Severity. God bless all who weigh on her. Chiefly, me. I lost an extremely paltry ½lb this week. Taking me streaking from Tubby.8 ¾ to Tubby.8 ¼ (not literally - what an unpleasant thought. I weigh in in a long t-shirt fyi). For the purposes of online recording this is the second week running that I have stayed the same. Let’s hope that this new WW propoints is all that’s it’s trumpeting itself to be. Because I’m not going to get to Chubby this way (or at any rate, very slowly at an average of ¼lb a week). And I do so want to be Chubby by Christmas (can you fix that for me Santa? Can you please?). Preferably to be stuck in a little way into Chubby to account for the inevitable festive pile on.

One thing I can see about WW II (hmm, just realised how that looks!) is that I am having fewer snacks – I’m having fruit instead. Given that my old favourite snack of 2 Ryvita crispbread (to be consumed with cream cheese) has gone from ½ point to a whopping 4 points (and that’s without the cream cheese). An inoffensive Ryvita! And – sheer lunacy this – a jaffa cake is only 1 point! Which would you rather have? A crispbread with the appearance and taste of plywood or 4 zesty chocolatey jaffa cakes? Admittedly the latter is not as good with cream cheese....

I may be hungrier but this lack of snack must be a good thing, right? My first day of the full week starts today so it will be interesting to see what I weigh in as next week. I don’t need to tell you, Reader, that all the pain, irritation, hunger and anxiety will be worth it for a good 2lb (+) drop.

On the fruit machine today:
· 4 satsumas
· 2 apples
· Handful blueberries
· Small bunch grapes
· Tub of mango

Is this where loads of money comes pouring out of the slot?


Becca said...

I'm baffled. All I can think is that they're miffed that the world is able to figure out their secret point-calculating formula, so they've changed it.

Ha! Stay near a loo, missy!

Love Cat said...

Haha, scales of severity - love it!

I think you and I should start fruit wars! Today I've had... fruit front...

Big slice of melon
Big slice of pineapple
1 satsuma
Handful frozen raspberries
1/2 pear
1/2 grapefruit

Good luck for this week.

Claire said...

You haven't stayed the same - you lost half a pound. Those half a pounds add up. x

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Love the new name of the Scales.

I have never thought of naming mine - is it a "man" or a "woman"? Or neutral?

With all the fruit talk, maybe you should get a big hat and just wear it all on your head a la Carmen Miranda??? Then you can just reach up when you need a snack.

(I liked the slot machine analogy, though!)

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

So a satsuma is a clementine orange...I had a whole bowl of "satsumas" in my kitchen and never knew it. :)

I love this time of year - you can even buy them in Russia!

claire said...

Just found your blog via Becca - it's now in my RSS reader! I am doing Slimming World - I write about it on my blog too (cakes and bunting - as i'm also getting married)

I must say when I heard about the new WW points system, my immediate thought was that it sounded basically like Slimming World, - where they allocate points to how much things fill you up. I do like SW - any diet that says you can eat as much as you like is perfect for me! I've lost almost 3 stones since January.