Friday, 19 November 2010

In the dark

I am still thoroughly confused with the new WW propoints system. Tonight I need to eat a quick supper before we drive up to Suffolk and so I went to M&S in my lunch-hour for a prick-and-ping meal. I dithered around for ages, not knowing what to pick: all the low cal ranges looked very carby which I think is the devil as far as the new system is concerned (I think so but I'm not sure). In the end I picked a Chilli chicken noodles dish from a range which said “high protein and balanced carbs” (and lower calorie), as I knew protein is good on pp. At least, that’s what I thought – I’ve come back and pointed it and it’s 12 points. It’s therefore blown my budget for today – and made me feel very ‘oh sod it’. I know it's not constructive and I am battling it but I feel infuriated, frustrated and confused. I know we have the 49 bonus points, but I was planning on saving those for a meal out on Saturday night. I just wish I had some clue what to do in these circumstances – at least on the old system I could pick things up and check relative values of calories and saturated fat to make an educated choice, now .... no idea, blank, nothing, nada, not a glimmer. I cannot work out the logic behind it – I’m not sure if it’s me being thick or not but I am really struggling.

At least I have a pretty perfect day lined up for tomorrow. We’re going for a walk (as long as it’s not tipping it down with rain – forecast is fog. A bit iffy as it’s a riverside walk!), then to see the new Harry Potter film (long-suffering bf) and then out for dinner. Where it’s going to be pretty impossible to make WW friendly choices since I don’t know what they are. But it's to celebrate our pseudo-anniversary - 16 years since we met! I was a mere child, obviously. I'll let this anniversary date go once we're married and stick to that as the day of celebration but for now, I think it's something worth celebrating. I will be having a glass of champagne and 2 glasses of wine - I give you fair warning of this! Of course, I'd like half a bottle of each, but I am hoping for third time lucky with Scales of Severity on Tuesday.

But seriously, how can you make good choices and succeed on a diet when you don’t know (and have not been told) what those good choices are? It makes me feel very anxious. A trigger for sugar consumption of course!


Linz M said...

I think the hardest part is trying to forget the old points system. While 12 points for a meal on the old system would have been a lot (on say 18 a day) with 29 points, it's not a large proportion if that makes sense? I'm on 41 a day, which is blooming loads so it's fairly easy for me to say this :)

I ate out a few times last week and I mainly went for meat based dishes as opposed to Carb ridden. I have the new eating out guide, so if you wanted me to check a few options for you, I can do, gives you a rough idea.

Last week I had, poached salmon for starter, Pork Chop with Mash for main (I left some of the mash) and much champagne and I still managed to do ok with my points.

Anyway, let me know if you want a few rough ideas of eating out values


Becca said...

How frustrating! If the carbs are the worst thing on the new plan, at M&S you might be best going for their "simply filling" meals. They have more fibre and protein.

Lesley said...

Hi Peri I'm in a hotel with wifi this weekend so catching up with some blogs. I must say, those propoints sound baffling. You'll find your way through though, I have every faith in you!. Hope you're having a great weekend and I'll try and be in touch more soon when broadband activated on Monday!

Lesley xx

Seren said...

I do agree it's harder to make snap choices. If all else fails soup still seems to be a good option - some of the Covent Garden ones are only three per half portion.

Keep at it though! Then laugh in the face of the SoS!


Call me Ishmael said...

Maybe you can't figure these things out right now because you are busy bailing out Ireland? The value of WW propoints seems to fluctuate like the euro - who be sure what any of it means....